“The face of war is changing. The other side doesn’t play by the rules much anymore. There’s thinking, in some circles, that we need to play by a different set of. James Bond as you’ve never sen him before in the smashing new thriller and #1 international bestseller from Jeffrey Deaver. A Night Action alert calls James. In “Carte Blanche,” Jeffery Deaver brings James Bond back to life, again.

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As the deadline for the attack — known as Gehenna derived from the Hebrew word for Hell — approaches, the Overseas Development Group is ordered to pull Bond out of South Africa and send him to Afghanistan as Whitehall believes the attack will happen there as they can see no connection between Hydt and Gehenna.

But do we get the modern equivalent with the Carte Blanche Bond? This was my superficial view of this arrogant, selfish, brutal and outright chauvinistic thug whom Fleming conjured in his novels.

Deaver seemed to really lighten him up in that regard. The brains and grit are definitely there, but the grandiose spectacle of exotic locations and voluptuous women everywhere is somewhat tamed down.

Like Gardner, Benson, Faulks and now Deaver they all write about recognisable moviehero. Seems like old times, with the novel free from any baggage that might otherwise be remaining by keeping continuity with the John Gardner or Raymond Benson storylines. Whoever the protagonist is in this story, he is not the James Bond I knew.


At the end of the day it was a good book deavver the thriller portion was brought up to date.

Carte Blanche, the new James Bond novel by Jeffrey Deaver, review

However, this is Fleming’s Bond with a highly enjoyable 21st Century Deaver spin. Carte Blanche is the first time the book universe has been rebooted at least going all the way back to Flemingand, although it’s unnecessary, it mostly works. To view it, click here. He’s not the first American to take on the Bond franchise despite what some of his critics maintainand he’s not the first to transpose Bond into the present day again, some critics seem to have missed the Gardner and Benson years.

Deaver isn’t the best of the continuation authors my favorite is Raymond Bensonbut he deaveer isn’t the worst that would be the thankfully one-off Sebastian Faulks.

Bond drinks the finest wines, consumes fabulous meals, and drives fast and exotic cars. The other side doesn’t play by the rules much anymore. A lot of twists in the tale and overall a decent book about a James Bond planted in our time. Another excellent book by Jeffrey Deaver. This is a three-dimensional James Bond whom I would love to follow in further adventures.

In this new start, Deaver actually seems to focus more on espionage – I’ve never seen Bond so careful. This page was last edited on 20 Juneat She’s never much of a threat. He doesn’t smoke and sometimes decides to restrain from himself. Deaver admirably counters the purists with a plausible plot and a more realistic and effective Bond, but who is still recognizable as the iconic secret agent popular for almost six decades.


Carte Blanche (novel) – Wikipedia

And the Bond would smile knowingly, thinking this woman was amazing because everybody knows the right handed ones were total shyte. Another noteworthy accomplishment of Deaver’s is his use of modern and traditional spycraft.

It was with some trepidation that I read the works of his successors, andI never felt anyone matched the original; They seemed to be writing book versions of the movie JamesBond.

Somehow, Deaver has ca Jeffery Deaver accomplished something beyond the capacities that I expect from contemporary writers: Sign up and get a free eBook!

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver

If the films can manage to do this, then surely literature should? Being a fan of Deavers blancye I kind of got what I expected from his book. He lives in North Carolina. Bond attends a fundraiser for the International Organization Against Hunger with Hydt, where he meets Felicity Willing, the charity’s spokesperson.

A very good book.

It works, imagined as a reboot. Bond realised that the derailment in Serbia was a false flag operation: Jan 29, Chuck rated it really liked it. Deaver’s immaculate sense of pace comes into its own. It’s a solid Bond novel for sure, but my one problem is that Jeffery Deaver tries way too hard to modernize it; it felt clunky at times.