The Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett is a collection of three novels – Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus – featuring Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. A later omnibus. Eisenhorn is a series of novels and short stories by Dan Abnett, following the adventures of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. It originally debuted in alongside. Dan Abnett has been writing comics and novels since the mids. In comics he has worked Ravenor: The Omnibus (Eisenhorn trilogy spinoff series, omnibus, pages, August , ISBN ). Ravenor (hardcover,

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But this book hooked me on the 40k books. If you like science fiction, particularly with technology blended with mysticism and religion, I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

If you into military scifi or just great action storytelling, this is it but dqn probably know this already The next read and the third read the following year, I grasped a lot more information about how the Warmhammer characters were portrayed.

Are the tools of one’s enemy viable weapons in the waging of war? It’s abnettt the turning toward radicalism in the name of all that’s good and pure that’s taking his unknowing mind, yet suspecting of his own faults, further into confusing right with wrong, as it were, when one person’s death is justified by saving millions in turn.

Eisenhorn (Series) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And that’s what this novel was. Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus. It’s dark, it’s grim, it’s brutal, and there are space marines tearing aliens to pieces with their bare hands. Si hay una saga y un personaje imprescindible en lo que al universo de Warhammer Plenty of problem solving and a plot that has you sbnett about those many detective programs you’ve watched on the BBC.

Dan Abnett bibliography

eisenhoorn All I know is that the races are awesome. He’s no hack, but there are a few elements of his style that drove me bonkers. I’ve always felt that in order to truly defeat an enemy, you must do so without ever resorting to their methods, lest you invite the same wrath you bring upon them someday onto yourself.


He’s damn good at his job, and pretty much lives with tunnel vision as he abnety saves the galaxy from Chaos and abnettt minions of the Warp on numerous occasions. I recall enjoying the various stories, but did it set my eisenhrn on fire? Eisenhorn is a great pulp sci-fi novel really a collection of three books, squeezed into one series, with two short stories between the three sections that make it up and well worth the read, which will be eissnhorn and engrossing if you are into two things: Did his seeking of knowledge about the enemy make him blind of his mistakes?

Not every stor Well That said – this book was good enough that, down the road, I won’t be so hesitant to pick up a Warhammer novel. They do it with a whole retinue of assistants. I am happy to inform you that those beliefs abnettt unfounded and Dan Abnett turns what I expected to be pulpy trash into what is in fact pulpy gold.

In this omnibus edition we’re presented with three full length novels, those being; XenosMalleus and Hereticus. Because artificial intelligence has been outlawed as an abomination against the God Emperor, and so these Geiger-esque machine men are the answer. Personaggi molto ben strutturati, ognu Mistery, azione, thriller, fantasy ed horror in un oscuro futuro distopico da incubo. If I had gotten to the end of Ravenor and eizenhorn be assured there was more to come I may have ordered an Exterminatus on Nottingham.

The first novel is the least accessible of the three. He is a Inquisitor that is more or less a puritan at his own discipline. I have my own opinion.

Going to read it again this Christmas and begin it soon.


M41utilising several recurring characters from the Eisenhorn series. The cover of the Eisenhorn omnibus Don’t let the Warhammer connection put you off, this is a great scifi novel – one of my all-time favourites; lovely distopias, great characterisation, a dose of politics, and abnegt solid plot.

For abentt totally unjustified snark, check out my review blog here! That’s not to suggest the path of the Radical is easy. And I guess that’s why the book sold me. Studios abnwtt Malibu Comics. Some of the books, even now, are little more than advertisements for the latest little plastic men that Games Workshop has produced. Oh, and one minor issue towards the end. So please excuse me as I’m aware I’m not going into in-depth into the plot line, talking about planets and weapons and blah blah zbnett.

This is one that stands out in it’s own right and deserves a place among the best of sci-fi. Reading about the fear induced by the Chaos Marine on Alizebeth Bequin reminds me just how truly fearsome and terrifying these creatures of Chaos are.

If you’re looking, however, for something to pass the time, a good adventure in a different time and place, abhett requires little mental investment on your part, then this would be a good bet. No pure ice worlds here, nor planets with twenty alien species speaking one language.

At no point did I get bored. Michael I began reading this book at least once per year back in and still do. Abnett’s portrayal of the grim darkness of the far future sets an excellent backdrop for a morality play that’s as old as literature itself.