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If you got it for free and thought it could be RGB modded it’s not a bad idea to pass it on. My 10k pot on one of the switches pin and the other should have the entire circuit before the pin, correct?

【CXA2154AS SONY】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

I know this thread isn’t about it but it’s worth shooting this question. Do your 75ohm to ground terminations as well as your. In this case though, I think the TVs that have been talked about so far only support up to S-Video and not component. I’ve been told that that would be more feasible. I managed to free a few, but they don’t want to rotate far, and I do not wish to force them in case they break which I have dealt with before. I doubt it’s too bad of a mod if someone had already made instructions, but here we are.


Product datasheet Sony IC CXAAS Not Categorized ()

If you push too far there’s no warning, the tubes will just die like falling off a cliff. Fri Jan 15, 4: Or is this even necessary?

It’s called l2fil on a cxa chip. Some manufacturers license their brand names to other producers.

Fri Dec 29, 6: I think your right bobrocks. Two totally different standards, as well as video signals. Tue May 19, 7: I’ve read that before. I’m fairly sure I understand steps 1 and 2, but I’ll ask to make sure.

Page 2 of Found my jungle ic. CSV product data for Sony Anyway, with both TVs, I was trying to adjust the magnetic rings, and on both of them I accidentally snapped off one of the handle tab things that help me move it. I did it both ways but finally chose this method shown in the photos. Tue Dec 26, If the readings show the tubes do look like they could use some love, don’t get greedy. Page 50 seems to show the internal logic of the Jungle IC, but I really don’t understand all the info.


I just don’t know what point you were getting at exactly?

Wed Dec 06, 5: Some sets it just won’t datadheet, it’s all depends on how it’s processed. Mon Dec 25, I’m guessing yes, since the picture-in-picture inputs are explicitly labeled YcBcR.

Tried the service menu but the HPOS is at 0 and if I turn it up it will shift the image further to the left. Sun Jan 17, 5: Much appreciated in all your effort!!!