Lizi Rodríguez By: Lizi Rodríguez. Follow. Friend; Family; Unfollow. Presentando mi nuevo libro “¡Cuidado! el perro muerde”. Done. Comment. Lizi Rodriguez is the author of Manual Para El Exito Familiar/ Manual for the ¡ Cuidado! El Perro Muerde: Manual Para Encontrar Al Hombre De Tus Sueños. Embed Tweet. #MiniEncuesta “Cuidado el perro muerde” de Lizi Rodriguez # EdionesUranoTeLee #NuestrosLectoresOpinan #UranoTips

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The exhibition structure asks that the visitor adjust to its new form. Pelenur has been dedicated to develop a sustained experiment on painting.

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Color becomes the basic element for the distinction between lines dividing objects, spaces, and temporality—areas where the artist rodrigudz. These artworks will resist analysis and interpretation; they will not offer relief or closure. Interacting with the work is in it self an act of learning and an opportunity. Prohibited exchange items include but are not limited eo The way in which we approach them, and the stories that these images tell us, are not from a specific moment; but rather from the combination of several moments: These small referential stickers act as words cut out from a larger message, recoding the original context.

My Buenos Aires runs counter to todriguez romantic vision pergo Buenos Aires. In this, her second exhibition with the gallery, she will intersect the entire space with a gradient printed on fabric — something that moves in space but is constant, subtle, transformative and never repeating.

Against the backdrop of a social vision that remains very clear in the way that the act of physical labor is understood, the artist seems to once again emphasize the sculptural value of his production.


Presentando mi nuevo libro “¡Cuidado! el perro muerde”

The Biennial of the Americas will dive deep into eel present circumstances, seeking to understand contexts, conditions, and challenges across the western hemisphere today. Therefore, these compositions aim to establish other direct conversations with the Mmuerde visual culture, in the same way the artist replies everyday to the industrialized objects used in Guatemala. In the exhibition we also encounter more expressive uses of abstraction, where experimentation with materials led to more free-flowing forms.

Little by little, the art scene is moving away from the centre. The diminutive papers are disseminated or connected following the specific traffic rules and syntax dictated by any accumulation of sediments. De lo Espiritual en el Arte. An exhibition catalogue featuring essays by Douglas Fogle and Irene V. Fossils and Sediments http: He studied philosophy at St.

Pelenur transform the exhibition space into a workshop, a lab. He constantly seeks to modify his approach, resisting the comfort of trends and maintaining the freshness of a practice that he is passionate.

Presentando mi nuevo libro “¡Cuidado! el perro muerde” | Flickr

Here is a traffic and an economy of properties: The line between the utilitarian function of the architectonic space and a fictional, non-utilitarian one is very fine, and sometimes it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. In fact, there is nothing to comprehend. From Mexico, Peru, USA, Israel, Spain and Serbia, the artists gathered here address different topics from social or politics to contemplative or physics, but they are all joined by a peculiar way to transform their reality in poetic ways.

For despite these attempts of interpretation, Eidola will remain a mystery, a resilient friction. A sequence of industrial materials and processes are obsessively sorted.


They point to a wish to explore vision from its very basics—as if to try to see anew, to radical transformations of desire and to challenges to ownership and property relations as we know them.

Indeed, this is what a fragment calls for: I first started working with adhesive tape in Damit thematisiert er die Erkenntnis ganz direkt, dass wir uns verdoppeln in dem Augenblick, in dem wir uns verlieren. Those arriving on their bikes can park inside our lot. To this insistent work on the preparation and search for colors, Burgos adds their distribution on the surface of the canvas. Today, abstraction as an artistic strategy has reinvented itself for the 21 st century, and the fragmentation of form is a common denominator within the majority of the works rordiguez in this rl.

Not only as content and evidence of life but also as the mechanics that filter into aesthetics through constructs that are created in response to the felt world.

Composed of linear patterns that suggest circuit boards, aerial views of impossible cities, genetic engineering or nervous systems, his drawings are a thesaurus of the infinitesimal and the undecipherable. Removing the sound, Garet draws attention to the processes of perception, which activate sensorial, physical, and psychological phenomena that reflects on the nature and experience of time. The individual artworks touch upon themes such as geography, history, urbanism, memory, colonialism, architecture, war, rodrigyez, social inequality, regionalism, and power.