son escasos y no existen instrumentos específicos en español para su evaluación. En este artículo se . genéricos SF y el WHOQOL-BREF. Estos tipos de. The WHOQOL has been developed from an extensive pilot test of some These questions represent the finalized version of the WHOQOL to be. This manual was drafted by Alison Harper on behalf of the WHOQOL group. The. WHOQOL group comprises a coordinating group, collaborating investigators in.

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The data from apparently similar populations often show subtle differences which turn out relevant for the proper measurement of the factor under evaluation. Eighty family members cared for someone with hypertension; 88 cared for someone with schizophrenia; 80 cared for someone with stroke; 65 cared for someone with end-stage renal disease; 45 cared for a patient with head and neck cancer; and 60 cared for a patient with breast cancer.

It is a short version of the original questionnaire, intended for limited-time situations. For example, about your participation in community life or your achievements in life. Proposal of indexes to evaluate Family Quality of Life, More specifically, it is a wide portion of citizens who share their language but who have different language and cultural traits which, regarding quality of life, may be interpreted differently or with nuances implying different realities.

A practical solution to the pervasive problem of internal consistency estimation. Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology ;4: Click here to sign up. Quality of Life Re- search, 14, Data can be computer inputted for easy scoring in research projects or can be scored by hand according to the scoring procedure described above.

Reinhold Killian Department of Psychiatry 11 reinhold. Not at all A little A moderate Very much An extreme amount amount 1 2 3 4 5 You should circle the number that best fits how much you have worried about the future over the last two weeks.

In summary, the present findings provide evidence of different responding patterns in the WHOQOL questionnaire in the Spanish-speaking countries considered in this study, and these patterns are not equivalent whoqol-brev those of Spanish individuals, the population for which the WHOQOL was validated. Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medicine Science ;6: The latter result raises questions about the possibility of Differential Item Functioning in this instrument. The works published in this journal are subject to the following terms: Journal of Formosan Medical Association,pp.


WHOQOL was developed using a standard cross-cultural approach to item generation and reduction, as wyoqol-bref previously 2. The highest scores on the level of independence domain and overall QOL facet were found among caregivers for patients with breast cancer. Although modern psychometric methods such as cuesionario Rasch modelling approach taken here were primarily developed for use with unidimensional ability scales, their careful use with attitude scales provides a powerful methodology for the development of valid comparable measures across key populations, especially from different cultures.

Related to its psychometric characteristics whoqol-brdf the Spanish version Lucas-Carrasco,the internal consistency assessed through Cronbach’s alpha in healthy individuals assumed acceptable values 0.

The WHO quality of life (WHOQOL) questionnaire: Spanish development and validation studies.

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. An item adaptation would help to narrow these differences and would facilitate a results comparison. Further information can be obtained from: Because the inter-rater reliability and test-retest reliability have already been shown for this questionnaire 2910we used only internal consistency as an index of reliability. This process eventually led to the generation of a set of 40 pi- lot items, which were grouped conceptually by the participating centres into six facets see below; Hawthorne et al.

Validación del cuestionario de calidad de vida (WHOQOL-BREF) en adultos mayores chilenos

And, second, do ad- ditional facets need to be added to the adult generic form in order to assess quality of li- fe adequately in the older adult population? Orley J, Kuyken W.

Due to the diverse countries of origin of our ezpaol and the scarcity of studies related to DIF in the Spanish version of WHOQOL-BREF, the main purpose of the present article is to analyze the DIF in a sample of individuals from nine Iberoamerican countries, where we expect to find different response patterns in the items of the questionnaire. The patients whose health improved or who recovered whqool-bref positive changes in many facets of QOL and these were reflected in scores on the WHOQOL; whereas those patients whose health deteriorated or who had no change in their clinical outcome had negative changes and these, too, were reflected in the scores Fig.

Psychological Medicine, 28pp. Results of the effects associated with nationality in each model were presented in terms of odds ratios in order to provide an interpretable magnitude of the effects. Results of the fit models for each item. Do you have any comments about the questionnaire? In our study, this control was conducted in the previous study Benitez-Borrego et al. Tibor Troznai Dr. Deviance analysis is summarized in Table 2along with the proportion of correct classification for each model with the nationality as a predictor.


Re-analysis of these preliminary data shows for almost all centres that older adults re- port greater satisfaction on facets related to social support, relationships in general, fi- nances, and certain aspects of the home environment, as well as reporting lower negati- ve whoqo-lbref. Marianne Amir in January Hugh Toner HughToner fife-pct.

Chapman and Hall, Validity The validity of instruments measuring QOL is difficult to assess because of the relative abstractness of the concept of quality of wyoqol-bref.

Validación del cuestionario de calidad de vida (WHOQOL-BREF) en adultos mayores chilenos

Facets are an intermediate level of orga- nisation between domains and items, for example, the psychological domain include fa- cets that focus on the self, body image, and positive and negative feelings, each of which in turn is represented by a set of four specific items in the WHOQOL Journal of Psychosocial Oncology ;9: British Journal of Psychiatry ; This tool has been shown to perform differently across cultures e.

Author Biographies Eduardo J. Decide how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with each aspect of your life and circle the number that cuestioanrio fits how you feel about this.

In B Spilker B edQuality of life and pharmacoeconomics in clinical trials 2nd ed. The result offers solid values for internal consistency both as concerns the items and the scales. An international systematic review.

Although cancer was regarded as a disease that could never be cured and patients felt their lives were threatened, the actual impairment caused by it may be less than that for patients who have end-stage renal disease, schizophrenia or stroke Neuropsychological rehabilitation and quality of life: