Cracks [Sheila Kohler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Talk with Sheila Kohler, author of Cracks and One Girl Zoland: In Cracks there is . A group of South African women who were all members of a boarding-school swimming team revisit a shared and haunted past in Kohler’s polished, compact. Official Trailer for Cracks. The director is Jordan Scott, and Ridley and Tony Scott are the executive producers on the film. Rosalie Swedlin, Christine Vachan.

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I could rave about it for hours, and as soon as I closed it, I had the urge to pick it cracke and start again from the beginning.

So, if you’re given the choice as to read Cracks or watch Cracks, pick the film every single time. It was suspenseful and I was captivated. And most importantly, is Kohler doing the Tim O’Brien cfacks where she makes herself a character in a fictional story to make it more real for the reader, or does this book mean that Sheila Kohler once view spoiler [participated in the rape and murder of a classmate when she was fourteen?

Cracks by Sheila Kohler

May 20th, Retrieved I still enjoyed the book, but the film left more to the imagination. Hell, it WAS short. It was VERY disturbing to read the rape craacks, because my guess was that she only disappeared in the book and therefore escaped from the girls and Miss G and that’s it.

Jan 26, Mel L-C rated it it was amazing Shelves: It makes sense when you consider that unless it’s a mini seriesthe filmmakers are trying to condense a book into a cracjs hour movie. Their regret and sorrow felt flat to me. When a dozen girls in South Africa receive an urgent summons from their old headmistress to return to the Transvaal school they left years ago, they arrive dutifully and with some foreboding—only to learn that developers want to tear the place down and subdivide the grounds for new housing.


I LOVE this book. Somehow, none of the girls even remotely question what Miss G is doing to her students; they just automatically feel envious of her attention toward Fiamma thus inflaming point 2.

Mar 16, Clover Youngblood rated it it was ok Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That’s what I want people to take from this review: There are some differences, but overall, I think you get more from it when you look at it ctacks all angles. Sep 06, Lindsay Heller rated it really liked it Shelves: However, being beautiful, rich, well read, and an excellent swimmer, everyone had some level of obsession with Fiamma.


When I first watched it years ago, I didn’t know it was a book crxcks all, but of course once I found out I had to get it.

What’s the Name o Forty years later, thirteen kohoer of the missing girl’s swimming team gather at their old boarding school for a reunion, and look back to the long, dry weeks leading to Fiamma’s disappearance. Get your psychotic schoolgirl fix, and give Kohler’s book a pass. And I was positive that the book version of Miss G couldn’t come close to Eva Green’s charismatic, psychotic portrayal. Mar 10, Jasmine added it.

Books by Sheila Kohler.

In the novel Miss G has no background story other than a series of rumored, failed erotic relationships with staff and students, and a vague rhetoric of self-actualization. All of the characters blended together and the poetic description of each character was hard to remember, at least for me.


But even Kohler’s book refuses to make this happen – what is the point of showing us these girls as adult women if they’re not going to deal with what they did when they were teenagers? She lived for 15 years in Paris, where she married, did her undergraduate degree in literature at the Sorbonne, and a graduate degree in psychology at the Institut Catholique. Frankly, Cracks had some very compelling plot devices that are completely absent from Sheila Kohler’s novel.

I found the resolution to the mystery confusing and the specific actions unfounded.

Also, we were always going to chapel, learning to turn the other cheek. Views Read Edit View history. To ask other readers questions about Cracksplease sign up. I found this little pager really moving.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Kohler’s book, as I said, takes place primarily in a girls’ boarding school kohlwr South Africa in the ‘s those looking for discussions about the political situation in South Africa will be disappointed; the social and racial issues are only hinted at and never addressed directly. It felt as though there was too much focus on sex for shock value. I loved the first person plural and the lengthy descriptions of the South African landscape. It also became the first chapter in her first novel, “The Perfect Place,” which was published by Knopf the next year.