Today, the mail man brought me a copy of “The CPHIMS Review Guide 2nd Edition – Preparing for Success in Healthcare Information and. Available in: Paperback. Whether you’re taking the CPHIMS exam, or simply want the most current and comprehensive overview in healthcare. There is no real single study guide for CPHIMS. This is probably . I got the 2nd edition of the HIMSS book and I’m utilizing the practice tests.

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Momentrix reviews scared me. The overall material was OK. I listened to each word of every module multiple times. Since, I have access to the self-assessment test, I started studying it and going through the 2nv. Write the content from memory on paper. Here you go deep with a handful of study material. But this is not an easy exam and you may end up failing it.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

Mohab, Have you checked LinkedIn? That made me question the value of the review material even gujde. Then check back with the notes for correctness.


I wrote down each question in my notebook.

I also started writing the content from memory on paper. Lessons Learned Overall lesson learned: Now four things before I begin my blog. Foundations of Clinical Performance. More you practice the better you get.

Project Life Cycle and OrganizationChapter 3: So I studied my notebook on the plane while traveling on business, during idle times while running chores, lunch breaks, night time after 2nf am done with the work orders for the day.

I bought this CD with high hopes.

You get the idea. Do I have to pass the assessment before I can be registered for the actual exams? Then show up for the next round of beating.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I recycled a slightly used composition book for my note book see picture on left.

So with my exam on October 10 I got about a couple of months to get ready. I can tell you that right IT talent is a scarce commodity in Healthcare. Thanks for the help again. Today I will talk about my exam preparation efforts. Once I am comfortable with what I have studied in the book, I will continue with the question.


Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

You will end up guessing or missing a few questions in the actual exam. Preparation Strategies Some of these strategies came from my background in the Indian education system. Then go wide with material from trusted sources. Books24x7 again came handy. Third, you may be a genius and think what I did was way too much. Use exam score data to pinpoint your areas of weakness. I also liked its simple and direct style. Then I thought hard, consulted my notebook, researched the Internet to answer the question.

For example, professionals who sell to the Healthcare industry.

I used these sources to collect a medley of information in my notebook.