HUAWEI Bs LTE CPE VR Product Description. Issue 01 ( ). Commercial in Confidence. 2. Huawei Technologies. The product described in this manual may include copyrighted software of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd and possible licensors. Customers shall not in any . How to login B, how to change IP of B and how to set WiFi on B Manual.

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Tested it again using various APN’s – it detects the Vodafone 4G network but will not register on it.

Huawei B Internet Settings Router Screenshot –

Thanks for letting us know – devices require 4G compatible firmware to access this service, as well as the relevant plan. At or for mnaual I couldn’t care less about the device costs because it’s better than waiting for Vodacom’s onece a year Xmas special 20GB for special that Vodacom thinks we should get all excited about.

Even your 3G can be improved this way. If this isn’t the case, you can set up your router for internet manually.

Products and Services FAQs. It’s worth checking if the device has an update available. If you’re asked to key in your PIN: Click the Wi-Fi icon. So to save you from the hassle of validating that your external antennas are active, there is no antenna menu!

The Huawei B593 LTE discussion thread

Router huawey B suddendly stopped working. I rang customer services on Monday, gave my sim number and they activated the sim. Forums New posts Search forums. This is a hardware discussion thread. Do they say it is Xmas or something like that?


Bad weather does not effect LTE like it does 3G. FYI some router details, Hardware version – Ver. So there should be no issues with the router, the sim just needs to be activated for 4g.

You may need a specific payg plan to access 4G on mobile broadband. Id advise people agaist these routers – maybe you might get lucky but maybe you wont. Hi there, For a mobile broadband device, the correct APN is hs. Took it to the store they checked it in a dongle and it accessed the 3G network fine. Your router usually applies the necessary settings to establish a connection to the internet automatically.

Highlight the field next to “Profile name” and key in Optus Yes Internet. Hosehead Executive Member Nov 19, By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

It would’ve been a sterling touch for Huawei to include a small plastic tool for this, or even little SMA female extenders.

The Bs works brillantly on 4G Vodafone. It seems to me that too many WS units screws up routing in the network but this is only a hunch. Key in connect Maual you’re an Optus Connectcap customer: Did you have to fill in the same information? If you have such an awesome piece of hardware, at least consider unlocking it’s full capability with external antennas.


Joined Sep 25, Messages 2, Highlight the field next to “Password” and key in admin. The nice part is you can use the wi-fi function on your cell when your cell contract bundle is all used up and take some of the many gigs the modem offers I took the 20 GB package But comparing the rate of GB consumption– Vodacom seems slower to manuual and Telkom mobile just chews through GB’s Something is not right and it’s not the extra usage – its the speed at which Telkom’s Pacman gobbles up Gigs.


An absolute brilliant range of little devices are the Huawei WS3xx line-up. Why do Vodafone not want contact from their cu Joined Feb 7, Messages 3, One need manjal go to the Diagnostics menu and select the “System check”. I’ll report cps if this phenomenon persists.

Internet Settings for the Huawei B593Router Sceenshot

Seeing as though more and more people are going to start buying these, and since some information is lacking on the net, I thought we could have our very own mybb resource. This is quite a simple thing to do, of anyone needs help, just shout. I regularly get over 40Mbps with constant 4 bars. On that note, wireless on the unit is not particularly strong. On the Atlantic seaboard many people had problems, maybe the techs went home who knows? You must log in or register to reply here.

Would you like Information for one of these devices? I quite like the little USB ‘fly lead’. Makes for coupling an external hard drive that much easier.

Thanks, Learn all about our new forum, right here. A mod can advise on Monday. Joined Nov 1, Messages 12, A connection to your Wi-Fi Hotspot is established. Thread starter Azimuth Start date Nov 17, Tags b huawei lte. Key in yesbusiness If you’re an Optus Connect customer: