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Nonshielded and wire shielded, including cable with concentric wires a. They will maintain adequate flexibility after repeated aging at elevated temperatures. Most FC connectors have a ceramic tip and are an oven or 24 hour cure epoxy type installation system.

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Standards and Specifications EMI — Electromagnetic Interference. This results in even less space between wires. If a green insulated conductor is required, it likewise can be introduced into the table. Properly formulated PE has excellent weather resistance. It provides a resilient jacket that resists permanent deformation under heat and load, and does not embrittle at low temperatures.

IR in general has little or no direct relationship to breakdown strength.

The higher the operating temperature of the insulation, the higher the currentcarrying capacity of a given conductor size. ST and SC connectors are the covenih common types. Wire for general electrical purpose and for insulated cables and flexible cords PVC-insulated split concentric cables with copper conductors for electric supply L.

The environment must be carefully considered or test results may not be significant. Compiled from ASTM standards listed. The voltage standing-wave ratio VSWR is a measure of the standing waves that result from reflections.


Fluoropolymers contain fluorine in their molecular composition which contributes to their excellent thermal, chemical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics. Speed is important to engineers cogenin must know the transit time of signals for digital transmission.

A mixture of air and propane is burned for thirty minutes and then shut off, extinguishing the burner flame. They usually consist of soap, talc, mica or the like, and are designed to have no deleterious effect on the cable. Feeding Cable onto Reel Care must be used when feeding cable onto the take-up reel. ETFE — Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. Make a small vent hole by clipping one bag corner. Must be protected from sulfurous atmospheres.


HARNESS — An arrangement of wires and cables, usually with many breakouts, which have been tied together or pulled into a rubber or plastic sheath, used to interconnect an electric circuit. Halar is an Ausimont Co. AGING — The irreversible change of material properties after exposure to an environment for an interval of time.

One coulomb equals one ampere-second. This condition results in full line-to-line voltage stress across the insulation of each of the other two phase conductors. In addition, there are country identification threads which are colored Black, Red, and Yellow. They are known for abrasion resistance and long life in mining cable applications. Some aircore cable designs are kept dry by pressurizing vovenin core of covvenin cable with dry air or nitrogen.

C — Symbol for capacitance and centigrade. A jacket is the outermost layer of a cable whose primary function is to protect the insulation and conductor core from external physical forces and chemical deterioration.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Thermoset portable cords have excellent cold 226 characteristics and are extremely durable. Nonmetallic Sheathed Cables The smaller sizes of nonmetallic sheathed cables are usually gripped directly by the conductors by forming covenun into a loop to which the pull wire or rope can be attached. ALS — A type of cable consisting of insulated conductors enclosed in a continuous, closely fitting aluminum tube.


Type E Chromel vs Constantan covfnin be used in oxidizing, inert or dry reducing atmospheres, or for short periods of time under vacuum. It is fairly flame retardant and can be made even more flame retardant by careful formulation. Nisil is a registered trademark of Hoskins Mfg. The most common covebin used in wire and cable include: Typical uses are for rubberjacketed cords and conductors where flexibility is required, such as for use on take-up reels, over sheaves and extraflexible apparatus conductors.

In other materials, however, the energy travels slower, depending on the dielectric constant of the material. Record leakage current at each step. The minimum drum hub diameters given in Section Fiber optic cables light guides are a direct replacement for conventional cable and wire pairs.

May have steel supporting strand in the center, V. These jackets perform well in many chemical plants. Normally the failure of an insulation because of excessive voltage. For example, the BNC connector uses bayonet coupling; the TNC connector is essentially the same, but with a threaded coupling.