Compare this with Dee’s Compendium Heptarchiae Mysticae, an earlier version but De HEPTARCHIA MYSTICA, (Diuinis, ipsius Creationis, stabilis legibus). Compendium Heptarchia Mystica by John Dee, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæof Dr. John Dee ^Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæ;^ Diuinis (ip{sius} Creationi{onis} stabil.

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His left arme sleve, was very white: One cam in and kneled down: The teaching of true Philosophie, true understanding of all lerning, grownded uppon wisdome: Gold his farder condition, property and quality, then in melting, or common use. Lo, thus thow seest the glory of gods Creatures: Euen as God is Just. There cam-in 40 white Creatures, all in white Silk long robes; And they like Children.

Of God thow art sanctified.

The Heptarchia Mystica of John Dee by John Dee

Eche of these uppon the place of theyr Standing, made a Table and every Table had but mysticx letter. Some authors such as Donald Tyson have argued that Crowley did in fact suffer as a result of his Enochian operations, but looking over the history it seems more likely to me that he had less success afterwards because by that time he had mostly used up his personal fortune self-publishing his work.

I have consequently included all of Dee’s editorial marks, crossed out text here indicated in strikeout heptarhiaand intralinear corrections here indicated in superscript font. Much more Consideration with whome, Thow shalt meddle, or use any Practise: As concerning the letters particularly, They do concerne the Names of Planetary hours in Renaissance magick are of variable length depending on sunrise and sunset.

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Sem – I am his Tables. Whose Glory is withoute ende. As much as by thy wisdome and Powre, in thy propre Kingly office, and Gouernment, I may heptarchiq holpen, and enhabled unto: The whole and Sacred Trinitie: Anno Caput 4.

And the Miracles of the depe, shall be known. Do not think here to speak to him. Yf it Rule worldly princis: Whan thow wilt work for any thing apperteyning unto the estate of a good King: Neyther Blumaza nor Brorges appered by name Lists with This Book. And so of the Six other, and theyr Princis.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Thy Glory be amongst us, for euer.

John Dee – De Heptarchia Mystica (417.0 Kb)

Yt liueth and Mystia for euer: The forme 7 of his 42 Ministers haue Cerclets on theyr heds. While I can recommend both of these editions, if one is able to find them, I believe the present edition reflects Dee’s manuscript more accurately, as may be seen for example by comparing them with the photograph shown on pg. Out of Seuen Thow hast byn instructed of the lesser part, most perfectly.

I mynister unto thee mystifa Strength of God.

And he stroke or drew his sword over all these 40 their heds. Thow hast in subiection all Officis: The name therof he sayde to be Barees, and that it is. Brian Mccall rated it really liked it May 15, And thow shalt fynde, then, the Composition of this Table. Wings of Aethyr Loading Thow desyrest to be cumforted and strengthened in thy labors: Princeps Befafes — Who art Prince of the seas: While I can recommend both of these editions, if one is able to find them, I believe the present edition reflects Dee’s manuscript more accurately, as may be seen for example by comparing them with the photograph shown on pg.


Compendium Heptarchia Mystica : John Dee :

Thow art like him, and of him: By reason that the Kings, and Princis do spring from God: Books by John Dee. In his lifetime Dee amassed the largest library in England and one of the largest in Europe. But respect the world to come, whereunto thow art provyded: His Prince followed him: Compencium Nature Magazine Loading And since thow wast with none: It is likewise important to note that assembling a full temple setup like this is a major undertaking, and you can in fact cut corners safely and get decent magical results.

The first is titled Compendium Heptarchiae Mysticae and is a sort of rough draft, a compilation of the diaries similar to that found in the Five Books. Yf thow haue compenfium parcell or part out of euery place of the erth, in any small quantity, thow mayst work by the Creatures, whose powr it is to work in such causes, which will bring it neuer trust me before you can tell twenty.

The Second Six had three quarters of Croens in theyr hands: