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I would also like to express appreciation to the Government of Indonesia for the very successful World Forestry Congress.

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Chairman, may I congratulate you on your election as Vice-Chairman of this Commission. Nevertheless the fact remains that if one looks at nitrogen alone there has been a price increase over the last six months of something in the order of 20 percent-a price increase which is bound to concern particularly the developing countries which are poorest. We in Liberia are pursuing a serious course in this direction.

The delegation of Israel has asked for their statement to be marked on the record. There is therefore a strong need for national and international agencies with responsibility for forestry to take care of all aspects of forestry in parw balanced way. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

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Other papers from Poland concerned the protection of genetic material of forest plants and animals, the utilization of forest by-products, and health protection of forest workers. What is significant, however, from a policy point of view is that the foresters of the world-those who are working in the forestry institutions and administrations in all Member Countries-have proved that they clearly see the potential of the forests as a means of contributing in a concrete and meaningful way to the welfare of the fai.

We have reforested approximately 18 thousand Donum in the first area, five thousand in the second, and 1 in the area fxo Asir. The other aspect is to develop agro-silvo-pastoral programmes.

Now we have world food shortages and hungry and starving millions, agroforestry should be a high priority for food production in rural areas, especially in countries which are heavily forested. Wood and timber are a multi-purpose resource which should not be defeated by use as firewood. The Jakarta World Congress has given a comprehensive review of the world forestry and timber industry.


We in Kenya have got the assistance of IDRC of Canada who have started on afforestation research of semi-arid land, and we do believe that FAO can play a role in initiating this type of research. The latest advancements in forestry sciences, as well as valuable experiences of forestry practices all over the world, were pooled to be used as a basis for its deliberations on the extraordinary theme “Forests for People”.

The meeting rose at This is true to countries which are geographically situated in areas similar to ours. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan considers that protection, restoration arqjivo planned wrquivo of forests is a very urgent matter and in order to save the forest land from destruction the following measures have been planned during the Five Year Plan period Implementation of the Fifth Five-Year Plan is salvzr undertaken salvzr the following measures.

The Kochi chieftains in addition to cattle raising are engaged in trading of wool, ghee milk fat and dairy products and with the collaboration of comprador traders exploit almost all the Kochis. We may be able to extend these works to include continental or global scale.

Only then, the destroyer of forests, the shifting cultivator, the small farmer who has finally become the victim of wird own action, could well wors the recreater of the devastated forests. One is reforestation in a rational manner, either industrial or natural, to protect forests from fires, to combat pests and fungus diseases whichmay damage forests and control the attack by certain rodents and animals which could affect trees and to set up shelters.

The Forestry Development Authority has sought strong Governement support in devising regulations for the control of hunting and the protection of the valuable wildlife species. The other point I would like to mention is the question of planting trees and afforestation in semi-arid and arid lands.

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The recommended measures go beyond what is purely technical. I was a participant at the 8th World Forestry Congress in Jakarta inand was impressed with the discussions and Declaration on Forests for People, which was the pra of the Congress. In forestry we are already way ahead.


You don’t have JavaScript enabled. We are also glad that other international organizations are giving financial and technical support in this venture.

In the Aruivo Region there is a very active Forestry Commission that has been dealing with the special problems and aspects of forestry of this region. Fertilizers should be utilized rationally, and compounds can be suited to different soils, sizes of farms, crops etc.

We are very pleased that the Director-General in his general statement emphasized that “Forestry for the People” is one of FAO’s high priorities for the future as forestry was recognized as an important aspect of rural development.

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The shortage of forest produce in the country is worv serious and to overcome it we have taken steps to change the widely entertained notion that forestry has no right to any productive land and must be limited to residual land. So that the security of the food supply is meaningless without the means or technology to prepare the food.

This might be true. One group of people-women-was felt to have been left out in the preference for employment in the past and should be given due attention and higher priority in the future.

This could be exemplified further. We have been exploring forestry resources as an assimilated package programme because we believe that conservation of forestry resources supports agricultural production. However, in our view, FAO has been, and will he in the future as well, deeply involved in the matters related to the implementation of the recommendations of the Jakarta Declaration.