Communio et progressio: full text, concordances and frequency lists. pastoral instruction for social communication “Communio et Progressio” officially dated The first draft of “Communio et Progressio” was proposed by the Jesuit. Our world is fast progressing especially in the field of science and technology. As we all know, the Catholic Church is the guardian and.

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Communio et Progressio – Wikipedia

It is necessary to organize religious broadcasts that are specially cmomunio to the needs of fellow Christians who suffer this sort of deprivation. The well-trained recipient will be able to take part in the dialogue promoted by the media and will demand high quality in communications. The training of laymen, priests and religious is to be given a high priority by those responsible for this work in the Church. To do this and to provide properly trained candidates, funds are necessary.

The illiterate are profoundly affected by images and can readily grasp the facts and ideas presented through them. But recipients should exercise self-control. Their chief task is not to create difficulties or to suppress, though, at times, corrective measures may become necessary. Against this background, then, we point to this fundamental principle for people engaged in advertising: The same idea sometimes gains and sometimes loses hold of the public.

Besides using media to evangelize, the Church for her part needs to grasp the full implications of the observation by Pope John Paul: She has to consider how the truths of the faith may be explained in different times and cultures. The techniques involved here include showing certain products or forms of behavior in superficially glamorous settings associated with superficially glamorous people; in extreme cases, it may even involve the commmunio of subliminal messages.

The recipients can do more to improve the quality of the media than is generally realized; so their responsibility to do this is all the greater. It also through social communication that makes world globalized and become one big family connected through social networking and others progresssio making farthest distance nearer through social networking.


Communication can make promote world peace and chaos. Broadcasting stretches out, further and further, towards every corner of the earth.

At this they are able to participate in a world-wide exchange in search of brotherhood and cooperation. That is entirely true of advertising. They are warmly urged to undertake this work, which has consequences that are far more important than is usually imagined.

In this way the recipient will be able to use this information as a basis for his judgement and decision in matters affecting the community. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Voluntary ethical codes are one such source of support.

The Catholic press – and this includes reviews, progerssio and periodicals – can be progrdssio effective in bringing a knowledge of the Church to the world and a knowledge of the world to the Church.

Communio et Progressio

This is as true of religious convictions and attitudes as it is of any other sort. Uncategorized Leave a comment. In the first part of this Instruction, we have suggested how progressio history of salvation implied a vital role for social communications in God’s creative and redeeming work among men. Michael Schmolke, “Information and the Mass Media Further, it is wise to see that important decisions and statements be made available in advance, using time embargo on publication.

Training should include a practical consideration of the special nature of each medium and of its status in the local community and how it can best be comumnio.

The more they get to know their audience, the more they understand it and appreciate it, the more they will suit what they communicate to those who receive it. More than that, out of a mass of material, they must select what they judge to be the significant facts that will clmmunio their communil.

For the listener and viewer, radio and television open up the whole world of events, of culture and of entertainment. As a result of the work of the communications media, Christians are better able to understand the state of contemporary world society, a society which is frequently alienated from God.

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Because of its adaptability, because of its variety and of lrogressio number of its publications, it can go into detail when reporting the news. But these qualities, along with self-discipline, will only survive if they are guarded and fostered from an early age. Advertising can be very simple – a local, even “neighborhood”phenomenon – or it can be very complex, commuunio sophisticated research and multimedia campaigns that span the globe.

These, using their different resources, have created a kind of synthesis of the potentials of each of the media of communication.

Religious programmes that utilize all the resources of radio and television enrich people’s religious life and create new bonds between the faithful. The constant improvement in the media puts them at the disposal of more and more people who in their daily lives make increasing use of them. Clair-Superior neighborhood previously known in Polish as na Poznaniu.

Pastoral Instruction “Communio et Progressio” on the means of Social Communication « Verbum Domini

Archives January December November They are very useful as places where opinions and experiences can be exchanged. In some cases, however, the state may have to intervene in order to set up these advisory boards to supervise the media.

There is ample evidence to prove how effective they can be. Moreover, for the reasons and in the ways sketched here, we believe advertising can, and ckmmunio does, play a constructive role in economic growth, in the exchange of information and ideas, and in the fostering of solidarity among individuals and groups.