GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS BUCHHOLZ TYPE . The new Comem Buchholz relay is an assembly of two machined aluminium alloy castings that effect a perfect. GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS COMEM TYPE. The range: 2. BG 25 H. Weight kg. Minimum clearance to remove the mecanism from the body. Min. The Buchholz relay also takes over the function of an oil level indicator when there The MSafe® Buchholz relay impresses with its robust construction in which.

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ABB’s website uses cookies. Another advantage is ensured in that the Buchholz relay of the invention allows to set the intervention threshold in case of oil currents in a manner which is extremely simple and fast to perform and most of all is absolutely precise.

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in ABB. The relay 16 according to claim 1, characterised in that mutually opposite guides 46 for the sliding of the ends 36 of said pivot 35 are formed in said frame 25each guide 46 ending with a seat 47 which is adapted for the snap insertion of said ends Analysis of the evolved gas can often give good indication of the type of malfunction but accessing the Buchholz relay during live operation of the transformer can be hazardous.

The aim of the present invention is to provide an improved Buchholz relay which solves the above drawbacks of conventional relays. Actually, manufacturers of Buchholz relays are currently able to modify the adjustment of the flap by adding or removing suitable counterweights which are applied to its lower part.

For example, DE A discloses a Buchholz relay having all the features of the preamble of claim 1. The Buchholz relay also takes over the function of an oil level indicator when there is not enough oil in the conservator or when there is an oil leak. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Installation guidelines The following table gives guidelines values: Please select country from the list below. Sides 39 are flat, with a substantially trapezoidal plan which is delimited by the pivot 35 in an upward region and by the end 42 of the flat member 37 in a downward region.

The relay 16 according to claim 1, characterised in that said movable flap device 33 is made of plastics.

RELÉ, BUCHHOLZ Ref.: BRML-0 V=1M/S (COMEM) | Spares in Motion

Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. Additionally, all kind of transformers may be equipped with oil conservator air bag air cushion embedded into the oil conservator and it is fundamental to ensure its correct functioning: Strada Statale Padana Superiore Km.


Posizionare e proporzionare come da disegno. When an oil current occurs whose flow-rate exceeds the limit set by the adjustment, the movable flap device 33 in fact rotates with respect to the frame 25 so as to directly actuate said disconnection circuit.

Please try again later or go to https: If this happens, the flow vane switches the reed. Sticky label 90 X 52 with white background and black Trip circuit Trip circuit Codice: Helium leak test as guarantee of oil and gas leak proofness Before being delivered, every single Buchholz relay is checked for leak proofness in addition to a function test.

Usually the flap must be adjusted appropriately so as to be sensitive to currents in excess of a certain preset limit. Extra function reliability due to the use of solid-body floats In contrast to frequently used hollow floats, the solid-body floats used by the MSafe cannot fill up with oil and lose their buoyancy. Via Piemonte 26, Roma, IT. The movable device of the flap type 33 is preferably made of plastics. The relay for OLTC application is positioned in the pipe work between the on-load tap-changer head and the oil conservator.

Series C75 Optically Isolated 1. Buchholz relais are available with improved corrosion resistance C5 class according to ISOsuitable for offshore environment and high salinity area. Therefore it is the aim to ensure an accurate assessment of the transformer condition. Gas sampling device Tube 6 mm Tube 8 mm Tube 10 mm 23 Gas relay Distribution transformers have the same working principle of Power transformers therefore they are influenced by the same fault principles.

The distribution of these gases can be related to the type of electrical fault, and the rate of gas generation can indicate the severity of the fault. Remote testing possibility At any time the MSafe can be triggered via a compressed air line to test its readyness of operation.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

The sides 39 are parallel and are kept together by a tubular support 40 which protrudes monolithically from them with an axis which is parallel to the pivot Next Patent Protective circuit s The complementarily shaped ends 36 of the pivot 35 of the movable flap device 33 can be made to slide along guides The relay 16 according to claim 1, characterised in that said movable flap device 33 comprises a tubular support 40 inside which a counterweight 41 can be inserted.


Replacement is possible without any interference to the oil circulating system. In a buchhklz region, the relay 16 has an oil drain plug An comdm movable device 30 and an equivalent lower movable device 31 are fixed to the frame 25; buchhlz device is of a per se known type and comprises a floater 32 of the lever type.


The flat member 37 has, in this configuration, a rectangular structure from which sides 39 perpendicular thereto protrude starting from the outer sides Are you looking for support or purchase information? The present invention relates to a Buchholz relay. This switch normally will operate a circuit breaker to isolate the apparatus before the fault causes additional damage. This flow of oil operates a switch attached to a vane located in the path of the moving oil.

The assembly of the movable device to the frame 25 accordingly occurs by snap action after the ends 36 of the pivot 35 have moved along the guides 46, by insertion and consequent locking in the seats Descrizion 2 3 Trip circuit Codice: Gases moving in the direction of the oil conservator or shock waves created by the rapid gas development trigger the signaling system of the Buchholz relay.

Where technical features mentioned in any claim are followed by reference signs, those reference signs have been included for the sole purpose of increasing the intelligibility of the claims and accordingly, such reference signs do not have any limiting effect on the interpretation of each element identified by way of example by such reference signs.

The frame 25 has a structure which is mostly longitudinally elongated and on which two posts 27 are provided in which seats 28 are formed for accommodating magnetic switches The circuit breakers are tripped and the transformer is de-energized.

The flow vent 9 has two permanent magnets. Alternatively, it is mounted on top of oil conservators and once there is a sudden air flow from air bag it trips the transformer. In this manner, the manufacturer can produce Buchholz relays without having to differentiate any of their buchhokz and leaving the end user the freedom to choose the intervention threshold in case of oil currents.