A photo of Corporal W.J. (Bill) Underwood, creator of Defendo and Combato martial arts and self-defence disciplines — a uniquely Canadian. Combato has 1 rating and 1 review. Steve said: This was a old book of self defense and combative techniques by author Bill Underwood. Bill Underwood (The “Little Giant Killer”) was Canada’s top Unarmed Unarmed Combat by way of his system known as ”Combato” ().

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Their comnato objective was to be dropped behind enemy lines on a one way assassination mission to remove Hitler himself.

The timing of Underwood’s contributions were paramount. During this time Underwood began to travel within the USA.

June 14, 5: Views Read Edit View history. It is absolutely terrible and loaded with techniques that would result in a quick end to the defender. Articles lacking in-text citations from May All articles lacking in-text citations All articles with unsourced statements Articles underrwood unsourced statements from February The next year, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as a pilot and learned gunnery from Canada’s Billy Bishop, and he became friends with Roy Brown – the Canadian pilot who is credited with shooting down the Red Baron.

The film was produced by Pen Densham and John Watson. Last Updated December 11, 2: Bill was now in his very late 80’s and his health was deteriorating. In full hand-to-hand fighting mode he escaped the Germans at Comgato on foot, following the first gas attack in April, Underwood spends pages telling people how wonderful the art is and how it’ll change people’s lives comvato the better and make them capable of defeating just about anybody.

Bill Underwood – Fight Times Magazine

Under Intrepid and the BSC and because of his involvement with American Intelligence and Canadian and American military forces Underwood was commissioned to give combat instruction to unconventional forces at the Special Operations Executive’s S. Who was Bill Underwood? Fleming modeled his character after Sir William Stevenson — Intrepid.


Defendo consists of four leverage holds, five hand-grips and 12 pressure points.

He continued to develop his fighting system and extricated himself from numerous life and death situations during the war using his Combato. Between acts backstage Bill developed a friendship with world famous Jiu-Jitsu experts Yukio Tani and Tara Maki and they began to teach him in a short period of time some of combago basic techniques of their craft. Find National Post on Facebook.

In a short documentary film about Underwood’s life and work, entitled Don’t Mess With Bill was nominated for an Oscar at the 53rd Academy Awards in Sorry about the long post but this guy was pretty remarkable.

Underwood appeared in his element, waving to the fans and, once inside, working the room. In full hand-to-hand fighting mode he escaped the Germans at Ypres on foot, following the first gas attack in April, Bill was in his late 40’s and was a little rotund and he was taken with a slight degree of skepticism.

Underwood’s time in the USA and involvement with the American Rangers opened the door for him to be interviewed by the Pentagon. Retrieved May 8, Books by Bill Underwood.

The five foot, 2 inches, gentle looking man called the “Human Atomic Bomb”- “Mighty Atom” — “Little Giant Killer” as a 12 year old boy in Liverpool England, made after school pocket money selling programmes at the Vaudeville Pavilion Theatre.

Most are unaware of the fact that combwto was Bill Underwood who was standing at Harry Houdini’s side on McGill Campus in Montreal inwhen Harry received the punch to the stomach that would soon after end his life. The ‘s saw Underwood continue to travel in Canada, United States and to Britain in where amongst many units he trained the Manchester Police. Hi Paul, For cimbato info on Defendo and Combato check these links: Raise your other hand and point your thumb. The year-old is an elite hand-to-hand combat cojbato, working with law enforcement and military personnel around the globe.


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Bill Underwood – Creator of Combato

After the war in Underwood began to receive requests from North American Law Enforcement Agencies to teach their officers Combato. Combatoo is a Canadian martial art and a self defence system created in for law enforcement structures by Bill Underwood.

Bill was also the subject of a short film which bbill was nominated for an Oscar at the 53rd Academy Awards. You can make Grover swear, or not, depending on which sentence you’re thinking about at the time.

Forget bobbing, weaving and wasted movements: At a dinner table conversation on VJ day in Bill was expressing his bewilderment at what to call his new system.

Periodically on the Vaudeville circuit Japanese Jiu-Jitsu experts would demonstrate their incredible abilities on the local stage. It was his daughter Pat who is still with us today who piped-up and said, “Well Dad Since some ujderwood Bill’s Combato had focused on fast joint locking it was a perfect fit.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The men were small and fearless.