The pore-forming colicin E1 shares the property of all the E colicins in using the vitamin B12 transporter BtuB as its primary receptor in the outer membrane. Mol Gen Genet. ;(1) Cloning of colicin E1 tolerant tolC (mtcB) gene of Escherichia coli K12 and identification of its gene product. Otsuji N, Soejima. The mechanism of export of colicins E1 and E3 was examined. Neither colicin E1 , colicin E3, Nor colicin E3 immunity protein appears to be synthesized as a.

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It had been suggested previously that the preponderance of positively charged residues in the critical TolC binding domain might be important to its binding to TolC The experiments of Masi et al. The structural and functional relationships among independently cloned segments of the folicin ColE1 region that regulates and codes for colicin E1 ceaimmunity imm and the mitomycin C-induced lethality function lys have been analysed [ PMID: This weakening colickn interactions be because a more flexible conformation of the toxin is necessary for membrane insertion – particularly a looser conformation of the membrane-inserted domain induced by neutral or alkaline pH.

Multiple interactions of colicin proteins with a number of proteins in their target bacteria are required for the binding and uptake of the colicins, so that their killing domains ultimately reach their targets in the cell.

These studies were initiated after encouragement from and extensive conversations with William A. Cells were diluted immediately, appropriate dilutions were plated, colicij the percentage of surviving colonies was determined based on the control culture to which no colicin was added. Until substantial increases in permeability occur, most of the colicin remains cell associated, in the soluble cytosol, rather than in a membrane-associated form.

The presence of the TolC box sequence serves to xolicin interhelical interactions within the T domain and could facilitate its conversion to a more extended conformation that could then enter TolC as described above.

Increasingly shorter T domain peptides were then constructed and tested for their ability to block killing by the colicin. Instead, both the active colicin and the T domain must search in three dimensions from the culture medium for a TolC to which to bind on the cell surface.


Tn 10 mutant does not express intact BtuB protein; the tolC:: Ee1 that colcin, a colicin Ia construct whose receptor-binding domain had been deleted retained cytotoxicity that was completely dependent upon the presence of the Cir protein in the target cell.

Colicin E1

It was shown here that that first interaction is not absolutely required for cytotoxicity by colicin E1. T domain peptides protect sensitive E.

Mutagenesis of T domain peptides and colicin E1 colickn. Further translocation of ColE1 is then achieved through the inner membrane Tol system, requiring TolA. There is therefore a crucial electrostatic attraction between the positive histadine residue and negative lipids, which when removed at low pH enhances the protein flexibility needed for the channel opening.

Antibiotic-sensitive TolC mutants and their suppressors. Normally, the first step in the intoxication process is the tight binding of the colicin to an outer membrane receptor protein via its central receptor-binding domain. A force-activated trip switch triggers rapid dissociation of a colicin from its immunity protein. Colicins have a well-defined domain structure, with the killing catalytic or channel-forming domain at the C-terminal end, a receptor-binding R domain in the central part of the molecule, and a translocation T domain encompassing the N-terminal part of the protein Fig.

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It is this translocation step of colicin E1 intoxication that is the subject of this study. In this study, in vivo protection of sensitive E. The coliicn were stopped by the addition of phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride to 1 mM, and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis confirmed that the digestion was complete. Binding of ColE1 to TolC is dependent on the primary binding to BtuB, either because a conformational change is required to expose the cleavage site for OmpT or to bring the site into close proximity.

It is hypothesised that the passage of ColE1 through TolC would probably begin with the T domain, then the active C domain in a mostly unfolded state.

For the first step in killing target bacteria, the colicins have evolved to cannibalize as their primary high-affinity cell surface receptors one of a small number of outer membrane proteins FhuA, FepA, BtuB, and Cir normally used by the target bacteria for the uptake of essential nutrients, such as siderophore-bound iron or cobalamin.

Retrieved from ” https: A model for the colici and expression of the colicin E1 operon has been proposed in which the cea and lys genes are expressed from a single inducible promoter that is controlled by the lexA repressor in response to the SOS system of Escherichia coli [ PMID: Davies JK, Reeves P.


This is only observed with negatively charged phospholipid membranes. The structure shows this channel forming domain of ColE1.

Annu Rev Biophys Biomol Struct Cir is therefore playing two roles in colicin Ia uptake, both as its primary coliicin receptor and as its translocator. The mechanism of export of colicins E1 and E3 was examined. Substrate-induced assembly of a contiguous channel for protein export from E. Crystal structure of colicin E3: The way one particular colicin, E1, makes that transit is the subject of this study.

Intracellular proteins such as elongation factor G 1e be found outside of colicinogenic cells after mitomycin C induction, along with the colicin.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and interpretation, or the decision collcin submit the work for publication. Cells were diluted, appropriate dilutions were plated, and the percentage of surviving colonies was determined, based on a control culture to which no colicin was added. BtuB is a protein consisting of 22 beta-strands, with the interior occluded by an N terminal globular plug.

Structure of the complex of the colicin E2 R-domain and its BtuB receptor. It should be noted that cokicin each T domain peptide was initially tested, the maximum amount that could be added to each reaction was used, based on the yields of the individual proteins. Assembly and operation of bacterial tripartite multidrug efflux pumps. However, without crystallographic structures of the E1 T domain or a peptide fragment of it bound to TolC, these mechanistic proposals remain purely speculative.

The open channel changes the rate of increase in colixin membrane conductance, and this change is maximum at an acidic pH.

Deletion of either the receptor-binding domain of the colicin or of the bacteria’s BtuB receptor reduces cytotoxicity by three or four orders of magnitude, but it does not totally prevent killing by the colicin. Identification of channel-lining amino acid residues in the hydrophobic segment of colicin Ia. Mullineaux, Queen Mary, University of London.