ACCORDING TO CLARICE LISPECTOR. Paul B. Dixon. Clarice Inspector’s A paixão segundo G. H. is a passion in more than one sense. It is an account of a. Availing herself of a single character, Lispector transforms a banal situation—a O livro “A Paixão Segundo G. H.” é a minha estreia literária com Clarice.

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I was so absorbed in it that it pained me to have to put it aside.

Poesia y Poetica : Clarice Lispector :

Between two musical notes there exists another note, between two facts there exists another fact, between two grains of sand, no matter how close together they are, there exists an interval of space, there exists a sensing between sen “Give me your th The gy crisis that I remember.

The work takes the form of a monologue by a woman, identified only as G. But also the religious imagery gives a Catholic backdrop as well.

As a ten year old, I didn’t even know if it was strange or a symptom of merely being alive. Acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories, she was also a journalist. I finally got up from the breakfast table, that woman.

Mar 29, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. The sentences are signposts directed at some unseeable object, lost on the horizon.

The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector

paixa Her profound mystical and philosophical musings are triggered by the incident that happened the day liispector. She seems to awaken that compulsion to write something, anything. View all 5 comments. Maybe nonsense is good? Terrified by the cockroach she sees emerging, she slams the door shut, severing the cockroach in its centre, and paixa the still-living animal’s entrails beginning to ooze out.


Like she has fuzzy ideas she herself cannot grasp, uses a language she also does not herself understand to describe these ideas, and then hopes that by some paidao process she and her readers will get the idea in these non-ideas. A genius at the introspection of truth. And what could be more of a Passion than encountering undefined reality and the very Thing of life?

And my god is it beautiful. The unsayable can be given me only through the failure of my language. Sadly though, this concreteness is short lived. Or maybe I thought I understood based on my interpretations. She is reflecting on something that happened the day before.

Not having segjndo maid that day would give me the type of activity I wanted: No me da miedo exagerar, porque les puedo asegurar que me quedo corta, con cualquier cosa que diga.

I’m not even sure what the hell it was that I just read, but it was undoubtedly the work of a genius. The white innards begin to ooze out.

Poesia y Poetica

In a way, we’re encountering that same alien space that G. She spies a cockroach. Mar 22, Paul rated it it was amazing Shelves: This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat Lizpector it is experimental. Do I even need to tell you that this is not a book for everyone?

Cockroaches have existed on this planet longer than any other creature and will continue to do so long after she will be gone. From the outset, this book was well received by the critics, especially in Brazil, with several book-length studies and doctoral theses devoted to it.

I could remember losing myself.

Sousa, [2] and then by Idra Novey in The green water of the air. She managed to get in touch with the writer, who kindly agreed to meet her. How Lispectot entered whatever exists between the number one and the number two, how I saw the line of mystery and fire, and which is surreptitious line.


The room however is clean apart from some drawings on the wall; a man, a woman and a dog. View all 7 comments. Idra Novey offers this anecdote which, along with the novel itself, tells us more than any biography ever could: Staring at the cockroach she sees, especially with its white innards hanging out, it is exactly what it is.

Okay, I will try not to be so reductive. The narrator, known only as G.

Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Certainly it is daring. This might be a problem with the translation, but the introduction suggests that the novel is one of those “redrafting and fixing sentences would just get in the way of the authentic ilspector deals, which are close to my least favorite deals.

This new world can not be spoken.

In some sections, the cosmic horror is palpable: Here, ;aixao, Lispecter chose to fly away above our–and her own–heads. I need to re-read it though, I need to go slow and listen hard instead of being caught up in the flow Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Aa will not tell you what triggered this feeling of rebirth because it is too much of a spoiler already. I actually hated the first 15 pages.