Gao XH, et al. J Integr Plant Biol. DELLA protein function in growth responses to canopy signals. Djakovic-Petrovic T, et al. Plant J. Overexpression. Translations in context of “circolazione extracorporea” in Italian-English from Reverso Context: Portatelo in Terapia Intensiva e iniziate la circolazione. PDF download for La Trasfusione Nella Circolazione Extracorporea Con Particolare Riguardo All’Emodialisi O Rene, Article Information.

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Per i pazienti sottoposti ad un intervento CABG con circolazione extracorporeal’infusione EV di bivalirudina deve essere continuata fino ad un’ora prima dell’intervento poi l’infusione deve essere interrotta ed il paziente trattato con eparina non frazionata.

[La circolazione extracorporea; tecnica della perfusione].

What to do in case of burns Burns need to be evaluated and treated in the Emergency Room, as it is necessary to take into consideration some characteristics, such as location, extent and depth, which determine their severity. If your child has ingested extracorporae substance of which you don’t know the composition or the harmfulness, you would better contact a Poison Control Center and follow their indications. When to take your extrqcorporea to the Emergency Department.

The dog bite generally causes a skin lesion of variable extent and depth. Start him on extracorporeal circulation. Moreover, children need to be urgently seen by a doctor when abdominal pain occurs after a trauma in the abdominal region.

Translation of “circolazione extracorporea” in English

If the child loses consciousness at the moment of the impact concussionor if, some hours after the impact, they present with vomiting, excessive sleepiness, inconsolable cry, squint, problems of ambulation, headache, they must be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible.


Search circolazione extracorporea in: Join Reverso Register Login Facebook connect. If your child has ingested a toxic or caustic substance, you must urgently go to the Emergency Department bringing with you the packaging of the ingested substance.

What to do in case of vomiting Children need urgent care when they have repeated vomiting episodes more than 5 in few hours and cannot take in liquids. What to do in case of inhalation of foreign extrxcorporea Children, especially in the age range 6 months to 2 years, can accidentally inhale foreign bodies, such us nuts, fragments of toys, etc. However, in emergency situations and when it is impossible to contact the family pediatrician, the hospital emergency room — open 24 hours a day — represents the structure able to give all necessary assistance.

Paediatric Conditions Conditions A-Z. For patients who proceed to CABG surgery on pumpthe IV infusion of bivalirudin should be continued until 1 hour prior to surgery after which the infusion should be discontinued and the patient treated with unfractionated heparin. Join Reverso, it’s free and fast!

These are symptoms of epiglottitisa potentially life-threatening condition; this is why it is extremely urgent to have the child seen by a doctor. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Children extrzcorporea, after an insect bite, present with pallor, perspiration, dizziness, cough, irregular breathing, loss of consciousness, diffuse hives, eyelid edema, need to be urgently taken to the Emergency Department.

Irccs Research Areas Trials. Research Divisions Research Laboratories. What to do in case of dog bite The dog bite generally causes a skin lesion of variable extent and depth.

See examples translated by him on extracorporeal circulation 2 examples with alignment. Poison Control Centers of the Lazio region: Warnings of dehydration in children, especially below 1 year of age, are: You should take your child to the Emergency Room when headache with or without vomiting does not improve after administration of common painkillers.


Insect repellents containing phosphate esters against ants and beetles ; drain cleaners; antirust; all kinds of stain removers; surface detergents; dishwasher rinse aid. Subtitles for movies and TV series.

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It is recommended to go to the emergency room when cough is associated extracorporew the following symptoms:. Adverse reactions to bites or stings by a wide range of insects are extremely variable, and go from a simple local skin reaction to the anaphylactic shock, this last being actually rather rare.

When diarrhea is with blood in the stool, or with ” red currant jelly ” stool, it becomes very circolzaione to have the child evaluated by a doctor. A child, especially if below wxtracorporea year of age, who has been vomiting and has not evacuated the bladder for 24 hours needs to be seen by a doctor urgently. Translation of “circolazione extracorporea” in English. Severe headache with fever is alarming when it does not improve with the decrease of fever, and it is associated with repeated vomiting.

Children with blood in the vomit or with dark green or coffee colored vomit must be taken to the Emergency Room urgently.