Charmed Thirds [Megan McCafferty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jessica Darling’s in college! Things are looking up for Jessica. Charmed Thirds. Megan McCafferty, Author. Crown McCafferty follows Jessica through three years of college, chronicling her academic and. Things are looking up for Jessica Darling. She has finally left her New Jersey hometown/hellhole for Columbia University in New York City; she’s more into her .

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I vaguely remember a line in the book where she looks at her mother and says mccafcerty to the effect of, “She’s just like I was before I went to college”. She is even more confused by his one-word postcards that just leave here hanging. Oh, there was drama.

It’s hard to decide who was at fault here because they both equally had strange ways of dealing and working with their relationship. Things are looking up for Jessica Darling.

Book review: ‘Charmed Thirds’ by Megan McCafferty

Surprisingly, though, Jessica’s thoughts in Charmed Thirds continue to mirror my own, even where her experiences are so different from mine. I liked that she realized this early. We’re led to believe that Jessica Darling is thirvs journaling on her school breaks?

Super Sad True Love Story. I wasn’t sure about the rating of this one but the 5 stars are deserved.

Book review: ‘Charmed Thirds’ by Megan McCafferty | write meg!

Of all the Jessica Darling books, Charmed Thirds is easily the most messy of the lot. Who do you think you are? Our Not-so Darling Jessica is off to college. According to Megan McCafferty it was.


While Jessica and Marcus’ relationship has its ups-and-downs, so does the one between Jessica and Hope. I’m still going to keep reading because I’m a sucker for a series, but only with extreme reservations. You both need some serious therapy before you should even remotely consider a relationship with each other.

Charmed Thirds is funny, smart, and irresistible. I know I didn’t actually say anything usefull but I just had to get it out of my system.

CHARMED THIRDS by Megan McCafferty | Kirkus Reviews

Quite honestly, I picked up Charmed Thirds more skeptic than excited. But there is more to it, I assure you!

The Best Laid Plans. View all 17 comments. The conclusion is uplifting but realistic, with no white knights appearing in Jersey. Bridget, the Clueless Two, Len and of course Marcus. Even her parents started becoming more interesting especially when Jessica walked in on them — oh the horror! Marcus is a delectable creature in the sphere of YA boys, though his entire appeal is the fact that he resembles his fellow YA love interests in no way.

For instance, how many times did you mock Manda for her promiscuous behavior? Oh, and Marcus might be a reason, too ;- On to Fourth Comings! Jessica Darling’s in college! But financial and family troubles quickly send Jessica into mcxafferty mode and there isn’t much room left in her life for anything else.

Oh, and of course I’ll still read Fourth Comings. Not that the other people around her aren’t as strange or dysfunctional, and that I’m discounting the truly sucky things that happened around and to her Where the previous two Jessica Darling books chronicled every single slight detail about high school, from the people to charmex teachers to the homework assignments, Charmed Thirds has little to do in way of teachers and students.


You will often find yourself telling Jessica, “NO! Did she not read her other two books?

As the books go on, we get a much better look at their lives and their problems. She could have cut this book in half and we charmex would’ve “gotten it”.

Even if that’s the part of the book that made me go aww and like this book But not as much as I liked Second Helpings. It’s getting hard to root for such a whiny, condescending snob.

Secondly, I am a little disappointed in Marcus. I think the problem lies int he fact that Jessica is just much less likable for most of this book and the decisions she makes about her college career and the chwrmed in her life made me cringe.

Charmed Thirds

Sorry if I spoiled you in any way. Maybe now that she’s in college, among her intellectual peers, complaints about how she’s surrounded by morons just don’t ring true. I was happy to read about a lot of the minor characters, and to meet the mysterious Hope even if only for a brief, personality-less moment.

Easily the best part about these novels is the plain truth that it is perfectly normal to not know where you want to go in life. With Jessica Darling, so much of the punch is in the nostalgia, in the experiences long forgotten but bg so pivotal and important to growth.