Standard Erection Manual (Supporting Structure) CFBC Boiler structure . This section describes mainly on boiler supporting structural erection up to drum. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler Standard erection manual (pressure parts) – SlideShare Jun 19, Steam soot blowing system in CFB Boiler convective pass complete with soot trip valves, manual valves, flexible hoses and pipe work for the fuel, erection. All mating flanges and connecting materials at terminal points wherever.

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Fabricate an anti deformation frame as shown in Fig. Standard boiler mwerection manual boiler … This manual will help you to technical details required during erection of mw boiler. After reaching final position, panel load is taken in permanent supports and temporary supports are removed.

Rocker position shall be checked and recorded. The Applicant intends to enter into two primary agreements for the construction of the Project including an agreement for the supply, erection and commissioning of the wind turbines as well as an Engineering.

Adopt the procedure given below to assemble the drum internals erectuon site. Check the IBR inspection seal on the header.

After erection completion of all steam cooled walls align the following headers. These assemblies erected from the furnace cavity with the help of electrical winches. This includes low-grade and difficult-to-burn fuels such as anthracite, mankal, petroleum coke, oil shale, discarded coal, and biomass within a wide range of mixing rates. Impeller is mounted on the erectlon shaft of motor. Orifice size and number are checked with reference to the drawing Orifice bore sizes are checked with ” G O – N O – G O ” gauge before installation.


THERMAL POWER PLANT A-Z: cfbc boiler an introduction

Front tubes with inlet header are connected at an inclined fashion by operating both the winches simultaneously. Bearings and motor windings are boiper cooled by same boiler water.

The pressure gauges are to be calibrated as per Q A manual. Standard erection manual pressure parts – SlideShare Standard erection manual pressure parts No separate coupling is required. After chemical cleaning, steam blowing and lay up of the units, if situation warrants to do hydraulic testing of the pressure parts usage of treated D M water or treated condensate is only recommended. After reaching its elevation, these assemblies can be suspended, on the permanent supports.

After completion of the Hydraulic test, the inspector shall carefully examine the boiler inside and outside and satisfy himself that it has satisfactorily withstood the test. On receipt of steam drum at site, two cranes of 75 MT capacities will be positioned on one side. Note The temperature limitation for hydrostatic testing is 20 deg. Care should be taken while erecting the “Z” panel. Through one inch tapping point.


Approach for all pulley blocks and rocker plates shall be ensured. Parts system accepted and signed by Boiler Inspector. Weld the upper Eco coil terminal tube connection with the header stubs. These guides are to be erected after floating the furnace. Lift the upper Eco coils using the floating pulley system. All three pieces are erected individually and assembled with temporary supports at elevation approximately 27 metres.

cfbc boiler erection method statement

Ensure that vfbc weld joint of feed pipe are leak proof. Stirrup plates are pre-assembled with top and bottom angle as shown in Fig No. Check whether the passage through individual screen drier boxes are free from foreign material. Method Statement For Installation of Diesel Generator Set ,anual purpose of generating this Method Statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practices for Installation of Diesel Generator Set through the guide line contained herein so as to ensure that the job execution complies with the requirements and serves the intended function to satisfactory level.

All these assemblies are erected before the erection of roof panels.