For Injection: Teflaro is supplied as mg or mg of sterile ceftaroline fosamil powder in single-dose, 20 mL clear glass. There is minimal potential for drug-drug interactions between TEFLARO and CYP substrates, inhibitors, or inducers; drugs known to undergo active renal . To reduce the development of drug-resistant bacteria and maintain the effectiveness of TEFLARO and other antibacterial drugs, TEFLARO should be used to.

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To view the changes to a medicine you must sign up and log in. When culture and susceptibility information are available, they should be considered in selecting or modifying antibacterial therapy. CrCL should be closely monitored and the dose adjusted according to changing imsert function. TEFLARO is also indicated in adult and pediatric patients 2 months of age and older for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia CABP caused by susceptible isolates of the following Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms: A ml, ml or 50 ml infusion bag can be used to prepare the infusion, based on the patient’s volume requirements.

Antibacterials for systemic use, other cephalosporins and penems, ATC code: I prefer to be contacted by: The reconstituted vial should be diluted immediately.

Reporting suspected adverse reactions after authorisation of the medicinal product is important. Mechanism of action In vitro studies have shown that ceftaroline is bactericidal and able to inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Packaye and penicillin non-susceptible Streptococcus pneumoniae PNSP due to its affinity for the altered penicillin-binding proteins PBPs found in these organisms.

In the absence of such data, local epidemiology and susceptibility patterns may contribute to the empiric selection of therapy.

TEFLARO® (ceftaroline fosamil) Dosing Information

Consideration should be given to official guidance on the appropriate pqckage of antibacterial agents. The following adverse reactions have been identified during clinical trials and post-marketing experience with Zinforo. Dosage and Administration Dosage and Administration Preparation of Solutions Dosing The minute infusion allows increased flexibility of infusion time See dosing.


Arrived in ED 48 hours ago with cellulitis on right arm. Infusion volumes for paediatric patients will vary according to the weight of the child. Appropriate specimens for microbiological examination should be obtained in order to isolate and identify the causative pathogens and to determine their susceptibility to ceftaroline.

Zinforo powder should be reconstituted with 20 ml of sterile water for injections. If you are a patient, and have any questions, please discuss them with your doctor or healthcare professional. The pharmacokinetics of ceftaroline in patients with cefgaroline impairment has not been established. Hydrolysis of ceftaroljne beta-lactam ring of ceftaroline occurs to form the microbiologically inactive, open-ring metabolite, ceftaroline M Standard aseptic techniques should be used for solution preparation and administration.

Detailed information on this medicinal product is available on the website of the European Medicines Agency http: By continuing, you are confirming that you have read the Indications and Usage.

ABSSSI & CABP IV Therapy | TEFLARO® (ceftaroline fosamil)

Adverse reactions are classified according to System Organ Class and frequency. Susceptibility data should be considered in conjunction with clinical trial data also presented on this website. This medicinal product must not be mixed with other medicinal products except those mentioned in section 6.

Patients with pre-existing seizure disorder Seizures have occurred in toxicology studies at times human ceftaroline C max levels see section 5. General disorders and administration site conditions. As a result, minimum inhibitory concentrations MICs of ceftaroline against a proportion of these organisms tested fall into the susceptible range see Resistance packqge below.

Patients who have a history of hypersensitivity to ceftxroline, penicillins or other beta-lactam antibacterials may also be hypersensitive to ceftaroline fosamil.

Zinforo 600 mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion

Clinical study experience with ceftaroline ceftarolne in patients with pre-existing seizure disorders is very limited. Coombs Direct Test Positive see section 4. Creatinine clearance CrCl estimated using the Cockcroft-Gault formula.


Relative overdosing could occur in patients with moderate renal impairment. I prefer to be contacted by: Virginia, year-old female For illustrative purposes only. Susceptibility data should be considered in conjunction with clinical trial data also presented on this website.

Fertility The effects of ceftaroline fosamil on fertility on humans have not been studied.

The C max and AUC of ceftaroline increase approximately in proportion to dose within the single dose range of 50 to mg. Infected surgical wound For illustrative purposes only. Clinical efficacy has not been established against the following pathogens although in vitro studies suggest that they would be susceptible to ceftaroline in the absence of acquired mechanisms of resistance:.

Caution is advised when treating such patients. Insfrt for being admitted to the hospital through the emergency department, Therefore, it is important to consider this diagnosis in patients who present with diarrhoea during or subsequent to the administration of ceftaroline fosamil see section 4. The development of a positive direct antiglobulin test DAGT may occur during treatment with cephalosporins. J01DI02 The active moiety after Zinforo administration is ceftaroline.

Healthcare professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse reactions packate the Yellow Card Scheme at: It is unknown whether ceftaroline fosamil or ceftaroline is excreted in human milk.

Animal studies with ceftaroline fosamil do not indicate harmful effects with respect to fertility see section 5.

Ceftaroline fosamil prodrug is converted into the active ceftaroline in plasma by phosphatase enzymes and concentrations of the prodrug are measurable in plasma primarily during intravenous infusion. Name packabe the medicinal product 2. Renal cortical cysts were oberved in all groups, including controls, on PND Immediate and severe hypersensitivity e.