8 Results Buy CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD at Cat® ET, create a “Smart Machine” that optimizes performance and availability. pg. ✓. Structures, Drawbar, Circle and. Moldboard. The M frame provides . View updated Caterpillar M Motor Grader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight , detailed specifications and compare to similar Motor Grader models.

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Blade Pull at Max Weight. Hydraulic lockout disables all implement functions while still providing machine steering control. Caterpillar designs motor grader frame and drawbar components to give you performance and durability. Length – Front Tire to Rear of Machine.

Direct drive, power shift, countershaft Direct drive, power shift, countershaft. Optional Cat Advanced Control Joysticks allow you to control automated grading solutions efficiently and safely without removing your hands from the joysticks.

The M motor grader comes equipped with a 3.

Caterpillar M Motor Grader |

Click here to enter full address. The sealed spindle keeps front axle bearings lubricated and protected from contaminants. Rear – Scarifier Shank Holders. Please authorise geolocation on your browser.

Blade Float Allows the blade to move freely under its own weight. Electronic Technician Cat ET lets service technicians access stored diagnostic data and configure machine parameters through the Cat Data Link.

Brakes are located at each tandem wheel to eliminate braking loads on the power train. Rear – Working Width. The Caterpillar M is used for construction and maintenance of dirt and gravel roads. Safety See more Operator Presence Monitoring System System keeps the parking brake engaged and hydraulic implements disabled until the operator is seated and the machine is ready for operation.


Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 2, rpm, measured at the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan running at minimum speed, air cleaner, muffler and alternator. Top 10 Fighter Aircraft. Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Total.

Operators are more comfortable and productive with two electro-hydraulic joysticks. Comfort and Control Experience the most spacious, comfortable cab in the industry.

Max Speed – Forward. Maximum Depth of Cut. Heat-treated rails, hardened cutting edges and end bits, and heavy duty bolts to give you greater moldboard reliability and long service life.

Circle Centershift – Right. M Series Safety Features Rearview camera with in-cab monitor Grouped, ground level service points Laminated front window glass Caterplilar LED Lighting Ground-level electrical disconnect switch Ground-level engine shutoff switch Anti-glare paint eases night operation Front and rear fenders.

Caterpillar M Motor Grader Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

Made to penetrate tough material fast and rip thoroughly for easier caterpllar with the moldboard. Maximum Lift Above Ground. Mid, V-Type – Working Width. Machine Length Increase, Beam Raised.

New CATERPILLAR 120M AWD Motor Graders for sale

Base Power 1st Gear – Net. The M Series drawbar, circle and moldboard are designed to make it easy for you to keep the components tight. Max Lift Above Ground. Mobility Engine Caterpillar C6.


Motor Graders

Please try again later. Buy genuine Cat filters, engine parts and other common maintenance, wear, and repair parts for your Cat equipment online, delivered right to your door. Dual circuit control system. Allows the blade to move freely under its own weight. Experience the most spacious, comfortable cab in the industry. Front Axle – Height to Center. Standard Fast-Fill allows customers to refuel in less than four minutes so you can get back on the job quickly.

This feature was originally designed for precise grading. The Caterpillar company does not manufacture any special military version of the M grader. However, we can propose ads of possible interest to you. Hydraulic demand fan automatically adjusts speed according to cooling requirements resulting in more power to the ground and improved fuel efficiency. Top 10 Main Battle Tanks. Electro-hydraulic load sensing, closed center. Please fix the errors below to continue.

Top Speed – Reverse. Front Wheel Spindle Bearing Housing.

Power Shift Countershaft Transmission matches to engine, maximizing power to the ground. Shimless Moldboard Retention System uses vertical and horizontal adjusting screws to keep moldboard wear strips aligned for reduced blade chatter and precise blade control. G Tandem Axle Wheelbase.

Automatically returns the machine to a straight frame position from any angle with the touch of a button.