Miranda Kenneally! *applause*. 1-First tell, introduce us to Catching Jordan. Catching Jordan is the story of a year-old girl who is captain. ONE OF THE BOYS What girl doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn’t just surrounded by hot guys, though-she . Jordan Woods is in her senior year at Hundred Oaks High in Franklin, Tennessee . She is unusual not only in that she tops six feet in height, but.

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As a girl, she suffers with some Since Jesse’s Girl is due for publication, I thought this would be the prefect time to re-read the entire Hundred Oaks series, mmiranda my Book Depository voucher sold me on purchasing physical copies.

Review of “Catching Jordan” by Miranda Kenneally | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

In this short prequel to Catching Jordan, Kenneally shows us how much Jordan and Henry cared for each other even before they both realized that what they had was more than just friendship.

But, I think girls should also be feminine, should be respected and treated like ladies. Anyways, I liked how Henry supported Jordan with everything, even when supporting her was breaking his heart. It’s nice to see her get out of her comfort zone and kennaelly a few of them a chance.

Catching Jordan

They are jealous and petty; constantly giving Jordan a hard time. Mirznda 06, Ari rated it really liked it Shelves: What I didn’t like about her was that she was supposed to represent feminists when in reality she wasn’t feminist, not at all!

It’s also – or perhaps even most of all – a book about relationships and how they affect us, shaping our personalities, dictating our choices, vy us down and building us up. D Henry all the way! When they had their sleepovers and they would snuggle, it was so cute. But everything she’s ever worked for is threatened when Ty Green moves to her school.


I loved how she could hang out with both girls and guys comfortably. The next time I looked up, it was 5 am and I was finished. It totally bends the gender stereotypes, and that is something worth showing her. I kind of thought their relationship went very fast too, perhaps a bit too fast.

I thought you were a family blog? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Enter Ty Green, just transferring from Texas. How can you write a book about a girl playing football after DJ Schwenk in Dairy Queen and not expect to be mercilessly subjected to comparison with that winning series?

Mirnda I was like: On the other end of the spectrum you have the girls. I loved the cover, it totally drew me to the book and even though I thought the jofdan sounded a little silly I keenneally to read it. Henry was obviously who was going to be the winner of this love triangle. Oct 08, Irena rated it liked it. However, I didn’t have many problems understanding what was going on, despite all the football lingo. Such a strong friendship mirana on between them.

And yet, she’s got this group of guy friends with whom mirnda been thick as thieves for years. Then this new guy, Tyler Green came into the picture and Jordan had a crush on him despite of being ctaching he might took the miganda as a Quarterback. He was the best friend turned lover, which is a bit annoying considering I just want a platonic female and male relationship.

Jordan aspires more than anything to play football for Alabama, and Alabama actually seems interested in recruiting her. I don’t know if it’s the sweet taste of summer, refreshingly different way of approaching a YA romance, or the insanely cool characters and the fantastic relationship between them, but I absolutely couldn’t get enough of this book.

I’m not kenneally fan of football, but I found this book really enjoyable to read. I would rec this book, but only if you’re in a light mood because otherwise, I get the feeling this book would get on your nerves: The football players were there, but not all of them acted like holier-than-thou-players. I really liked the way sex isn’t the Holy Grail in Jordan’s life. In the long run, it did have a good message, and I loved how the main character was so self-empowering and independent.


As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university. Relaxing, refreshing, obviously light, there might have been a passage or two involving a fake baby that had me stifling my laughter not to wake the kids. As with basically all YA contemporaries, romance plays a large role in this book. I waited until Henri stopped acting like a childish man whore yeah, that exists, apparently He did, but too late. The romance was decent.

Problems arise though when a new kid arrives, Ty, who is a star Quarterback, and stirs up feelings and a crush in Jordan. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I don’t think so! It was kind of gross actually.

Don’t let yourself be misled by the footballish theme because, even catchinng it is, in fact, about playing ball, it never gets bby much or too technical. Not to say this isn’t a bad book, it’s a quick read to indulge in while between books or feeling a slump coming. It was a whole drama fest going on between the characters that had me rolling my eyes. Briar and Vicki January 36 31 Jan 08, You are commenting using your Twitter account. If you like love stories that are just as sweet and charming as they are clever and memorable, you’ll definitely appreciate this one.

It had me sitting on the edge of my seat for four days.

Besides that, while I feel like Catching Jordan had a great start, towards the middle and end I didn’t feel like the book was going anywhere. F Last page impression: It’s fun, fun, fun.

How much we love Jordan and Henry’s relationship.