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PAO Oil 68 is not hygroscopic, i. Under normal atmospheric pressure and ambient temperatures, liquid refrigerant evaporates so quickly that any physical contact with the skin or eyes can cause the tissue to freeze risk of blindness.

PAG oils are hygroscopic. Gain an advantage through knowledge.

Ever since then, R12 systems had to be converted during maintenance or repair work. Due to the fact that the molecules do not try to bond with each other, this oil layer is just one molecule “thick”. All the tests showed a positive result, confirming that negative effects on components in the vehicle air-conditioning system or the air-conditioning service station can be excluded. Allinterno della Cookie Policy possibile negare il Nivi es una empresa de moda dedicada a la venta directa, la cual se encuentra en 3 pases: Bottled in spotgun cartridges, which gives it maximum protection against humidity problem: Can be used on all hybrid vehicles with an electric compressor that are filled with POE oil at the plant there are also electrically driven compressors for hybrid vehicles that are filled with a special PAG oil at the plant.


Never change the factory setting of the adjusting screw on the expansion valve. Other refrigerants can also be used, however, provided their GWP value is below For this reason, opened oil containers must be resealed immediately and once opened, the remaining oil cannot be stored indefinitely.

Breathing in high concentrations of gaseous refrigerant can cause dizziness and even suffocation.

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Special features and properties. Questo sito utilizza cookie tecnici e di personalizzazione dei contenuti, propri e di terze parti. The filter dryer is to be replaced. Do not introduce an open flame or hot metal in the immediate vicinity of refrigerant. The higher the index the more constant the fluid maintains its level of viscosity with variations in temperature. Standard PAG oils are not suitable for Ryf refrigerant and electrically driven air conditioning compressors.

Catalogo online – TECNECO FILTERS – Smart solutions in filtration

There are still numerous vehicles on the market with air-conditioning systems originally designed for refrigerant R The intrinsic resistance of the oil to form sludge and carbonaceous deposits when it is subjected to high thermal stress.

Demulsivity can also be partially improved by special additives and is generally reduced by the presence of contaminants. The workplace sgip be well ventilated for working on refrigerant circuits.

All components should be checked for function and damage. Ryf with a GWP of 4 shall be used as new refrigerant.

In the course of this replacement it is also recommended to flush the air-conditioning system. Leaks must be corrected beforehand. As gaseous refrigerant is heavier than air, it can collect in high concentrations there.

Using the spotgun cartridge pressit can either be filled straight into the vehicle with the aid of an adapter hose with low-pressure connection or into 201 oil tank on the air-conditioning service device ml spotgun cartridge Each individual cartridge is sealed in an aluminium bag Aip aluminium bag also contains a smaller bag with desiccant drying pellets to optimally protect the oil against humidity. The application possibilities and the storage ability of PAO Oil 68 are much greater compared to conventional oils.


PAO Oil 68 helps to increase the performance of the air-conditioning system. Youandeni catalogo movie Mar 09, Watch video This movie is set in the mid s and involves poet Edgar Allan Poe. Scroll through this page and actalogo out about the different variants of refrigerant and compressor oils. AGIP OSO are high quality lubricants designed to be used as functional fluids in all types of hydraulic systems and plants.

Car refrigerant & oil filling quantities | BEHR HELLA

You and your skills take centre stage for HELLA — this is why we will get cahalogo ready for a high-tech future with our training program. As such, it has to satisfy particular requirements: Important safety information The following technical information and practical tips have been compiled by HELLA in order to provide professional support to vehicle workshops in their day-to-day work.

You can also find important information on refilling refrigerant and a link to the refrigerant and oil filling quantity manual. Agpi can, however, continue to be used to carry out service and maintenance work on existing Ra systems.