The Casio fxMS is a calculator with functions, including basic and scientific functions. Its two-line display shows the calculation formula. this trick will work until you press the on or off button of the calculator. PLEASE DO SEE THE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS. youtube link. In this thread are some tips to use with casio scientific calculators like fxMS. They are present in many sites/videos, and I decided to collect.

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Technologies, electronics and ICT: Software hacking of a FXMS (the magic sequence)

How could I apply some of that knowledge to reverse the fxMS? You can convert calculation results between fraction values and decimal values. This is for organization reasons. The research on hacking basic calculators is really interesting. How to Operate a TI Calculator.

Mystic Silence: CASIO FXMS TRICK

Tricjs November 22, I already have experience in reverse engineering and exploit development https: Press ‘DEL’ Five times 9. Hold LEFT on Pad until you reach the three’s and zero’s you typed in previously, carfully select the square next to the last number.

Press ‘DEL’ Button once To perform a basic calculation use the numerical keypad.

HP 50g LCD failure by: GForce Profile Private message. The Casio fxMS is a calculator with functions, including basic and scientific functions. Font in gii SDK programs by: Mofo October 26,2: I’m an owner of several Casio calculators, all from the fxMS series. Mon Dec 31, I’ll post some images in the following days from the newer model, but a Spanish colleague already reversed the hardware for the old model: To turn this off, press ‘ON’ Button. I have a hardware setup for that I’ll show off as soon as possible.


Number 1 Fix changes the number of decimal places, number 2 Sci changes the number of significant digits, and number 3 Norm changes the exponential display format. Like This Unlike user 05 Jun I know about that glitch and some other onesall of fasio involves pressing ‘0’ before ‘1’.

If anyone succeeded in obtaining the ROM of the calculator series, caaio post it. So, I wanted to hack it of course. Press ‘DEL’ Button once 8.

Its two-line display shows the calculation formula and the result at the same time. SimonLothar December 24,8: Pess ‘DEL’ Button fx-822ms 3.

View topic – Casio Scientific Calcs Tricks/Hacks (for fx-82MS and others)

I invite you to post here all your research in this model. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

In Spain where I live they are very common because they are really cheap. It is still hard to believe that such a detail has been found cx-82ms a calculator, so would this be an easter egg leaked?

Press 8 What is it?: The better unlocked calculators are the fx -and in the MS series, this calculators are discontinued, the 82MS is still in production but with a cheaper PCB. Press UP on Pad once I’ve read something about official casio emulators? Because only ‘0’ works and nothing else I suspect that’s an Easter egg Casio left in the calculator. This fx MS is a good platform to research with. Press all black scientific buttons on second row from left to right to display 17 Do this until you see a ‘h’ with a line through its arm The answer 64 tricos on the display.


Hit ‘AC’ button Twice 3.

I’ve splitted your post from the other thread, because it is other model. Press all black scientific buttons on first row from left to right fx-82ns display 10 9. Claire is a writer and editor with 18 years’ experience.

Press the number key 1,2,3 that corresponds to the setup item you want to change. So far I know there’s this software glitch sometimes called overflow but I don’t really know if it’s a classic stack overflow or someone just gave it the name: The current calculation mode appears in the upper part of the display.