The dramatic first-person account of life inside an ultra-fundamentalist American religious sect, and one woman’s courageous flight to freedom with. Escape is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre memoirs you are ever likely to Written by Carolyn Jessop, a woman who was born into the. A member of Warren Jeff’s fundamentalist cult, Jessop talks about escaping a brutal life, what it was like being one wife of many, and why she.

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It seems like the whole system is set up to demoralize them as much as possible, jessp them to mistreat one another as they jockey for favored positions. In she co-authored her book Escape with Laura Palmer and chronicled her life escapr the FLDS caroyn, her adulthood and disillusionment, and her eventual flight.

I don’t know where to begin at how amazing, shocking, and ultimately hopeful this book is. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nomadp. Feb 08, Liza Fireman rated it really liked it Shelves: The use of religion as a form of power and control mirrors all domestic violence relationships.

She had spent seventeen years married to a man more than thirty years her senior and lived under constant controlling scrutiny from her husband and his family. Unfortunately one of her daughters has gone back to the cult and chosen to stay. Texas law enforcement officers began a raid of the YFZ Ranch on April 3,following a phone call with allegations of physical and sexual abuse of a year-old girl.

What did you do to earn your paycheck on this gig? Carolyn Jessop was able to flee the FDLS and successfully fight for custody of her 8 children – including 1 profoundly disabled one while navigating life outside the cult. The FLDS, which emerged in the s as a fundamentalist offshoot of the Mormon church, holds that God has ordained polygamy and not only that, but that it is a requirement for anyone who wishes to attain the highest level of heaven. It is exceedingly appealing to the tiniest crumb of voyeur that you have in you, that which might be interested in polygamists, spouse abuse not only husband-to-wife, but also wife-to-wifeweird clothing, weird sex, and just freaky shit in general.


That whole section on how these men and not just in religion life style proceed to have 10 to 50 children that they do not support and yet use practiced methods for governmental welfare at dozens of levels for lodging to food to medical to schooling to transport!

Polygamy Survivor Carolyn Jessop – TIME

My entire life, I never dressed normally. The insight into polygamy and the cult mentality was enlightening. Law of consecration United Jesssop. I can’t believe some people are so mean to play with other people’s mind. George Temple onto a silky pink background.

I saw this same sentiment expressed, often in the same exact words, at least once per chapter, or so it seemed, and sometimes more than once. He began arranging marriages between young teenage girls and men sometimes sixty or more years older.

A Novel Idea Book Feb 01, Libbie Hawker L. I never was allowed out of their sight the entire time until the marriage took place [a few days later]. To me it became very scary at that point. Another thing that surprised me is that FLDS drink coffee and alcohol. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Anyway, read if you want a glimpse into one polygamous family in Colorado City.

Carolyn Jessop

After having been brought up that way, what made you realize that what was going on was wrong? I’m glad I reached out to lonely Veronica in my College days at Dixie and realized she was likely going through something similar to Carolyn. Carolyn Jessop has been involved in several legal proceedings arising from her departure from and knowledge of the FLDS community.


Ccarolyn view it, click here. And indeed, there is a happy carolyj.

He controlled the money she earned as a school teacher. Feb 03, Megan rated it it was ok. Because of the silkiness of the fabric it is one of my children’s favorite quilts to cuddle in. Merril Jessop already had three wives. I did hear a follow up interview with her on the Diane Rehm show. Because I was so disturbed by my own inner hateful response to this people, I decided to learn more about them.

“Escape” by Carolyn Jessop – Tim Challies

And inher reports to the Utah attorney general on church abuses formed a crucial part of the case that led to the arrest of their notorious leader, Warren Jeffs. Sscape were amazing and super eye opening!!! Although,the act of just getting herself out was one thing,but getting her 8 children out as well,and with one that was ill to boot,was an act of God in and of itself.

I even mentioned this in a phone conversation with another writer-friend. All human beings are equal but all cultures and religions are not. As a Mom, I can’t stop worrying about what is going to happen to those kids. There is a photo of Merril Jessop’s first 6 wives and reading about Jeffs trial was quite an eye opener, but his persona seemed accurately described in Escape.

Carolyn Jessop’s story of her life in the polygamous community the FLDS is one of those books that is simultaneously hard to read and difficult to put down. In other words, there is a happy ending. I cannot wait to read her next book “Triumph”.

It’s difficult to believe anything like this is happening in THIS century.