The Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) compiles, produces, evaluates and distributes evidence-based impartial information on pharmaceuticals to the general. biological preparatory medicine that improves immunity to a particular disease. Research Groups. Fundamental and translational research in the Department of Ophthalmology is conducted by two research groups located in Canthia.

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Cellular therapy in Chagas’ disease: Liver transplantation from deceased donors serologically positive for Chagas disease. Effect of rate-dependent left bundle branch block on global and regional left ventricular function. Current epidemiological trends for Chagas disease in Latin America and future challenges in epidemiology, surveillance and health policy.

Relation of regional sympathetic denervation and myocardial perfusion disturbance to wall motion impairment in Chagas’ cardiomyopathy. Chagas’ disease in cardiopatiia N Engl J Med.

Revista de Biologia e Hygiene. The pattern of myocardial fibrosis in chronic Chagas” heart disease. Chagas’ cardiomyopathy bisoprolol intervention study: A retrospective search for maternal transmission of Chagas infection from patients in the chronic phase.


Beta 1-adrenergic receptor autoantibodies mediate dilated cardiomyopathy by agonistically inducing cardiomyocyte apoptosis. Early results of bone marrow cell transplantation to the myocardium of patients with heart chagasixa due to Chagas disease.

Racial differences in response to therapy for heart failure: Eosinophil blood count and anemia are associated with Trypanosoma cruzi infection reactivation in Chagas’ heart transplant recipients. The clinical aplication of biopsychosocial model.

I Latin American Guideline for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chagas’ Heart Disease

Probability of occurrence of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias in Chagas’ disease versus non-Chagas’ disease. Risiopatologia marrow cell transplantation to the myocardium of a patient with heart failure due to Chagas” disease.

Relation of regional sympathetic denervation and myocardial perfusion disturbance to wall motion impairment in Chagas’ cardiomyopathy. Epicardial ablation of ventricular tachycardia in Chagas heart disease.

Chagas’ disease-interruption of transmission. Tratamiento de la enfermedad de Chagas con benznidazole y acido tioctico. Rev Bras Hematol Hemoter. Assim, Ribeiro e cols.

Improved left ventricular contraction and energetics in a patient with Chagas’ disease undergoing partial left ventriculectomy.


Research Groups

Reversibility of cardiac fibrosis in mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, under specific chemotherapy. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz ; J Interv Cardioatia Electrophysiol. Chagas’ disease reactivation after heart transplantation: Freilij H, Storino R. Urban outbreak of acute Chagas disease in Amazon region of Brazil: Strutural and functional analysis chsgasica the B cell epitopes recognozed by anti-receptor autoantibodies in patients with Chagas’ Disease.

Arrhythmias and sudden death after dynamic cardiomyoplasty. Chagas’ heart disease and the autonomic nervous system. DNA immunizations with M2 muscarinic and beta1 adrenergic receptor coding plasmids impair cardiac function in mice. Transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi by heart transplantation.

Relation between interstitial myocardial collagen and the degree of clinical impairment in Chagas’ disease. Instituto de Biofisica Carlos Chagas’ Filho;