Carabook: le guide de l’externe Front Cover. Association Nationale des Etidiants en Médecine de France (ANEMF), – pages. Read the latest magazines about Anemf and discover magazines on . CARA Book Discussion January 12/21/ Community Anti-Racism Alliance. Thursday, January, 12, p.m., in the Center, join CFS parents and .

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The topic for this month is government. We counted how many votes each color received. We discussed the shape as a math access point.

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It was fun to watch our students pick out their favorites. After drying their hands, we rubbed them with some of the Country Apple lotion so our students could smell yummy all day and help remind them of the lesson.

A 3 ring binder made a great ramp! Symbols of Our Country.

It was a nice effect and we had some students who rarely engage become very carsbook with the rice. Joy made brown playdough using coffee and whole wheat flour. The sound sensitive toy was purchased from tfh Special Needs Toys. We then cut red strips using a paper cutter and then counted how many we had cut. We set the yarn aside. Peeling of the stickers was great for facilitating a pincer grasp. She substituted apple juice for the water called for in the recipe.


The students then glued on cotton balls. Our students who are able to tolerate oral tastings got to try some applesauce with caramel syrup—-a mini caramel apple!

Blowing the leaves great for visual tracking was a huge hit and our students loved gathering them all back up working on grasp patterns and eye hand coordination. Then we used tongs to pick up the bones and feed the Dog. We joined the ends to make a Donut. We added food coloring to our glue to help our students differentiate the designated areas on which to glue their tissue paper. In our alphabet group, we are on letter C. We Clapped our hands to make the Crab wiggle.

We borrowed a fantastic hat from Brenda, our music teacher. We talked about the shape of our paper and number of leaves drawn by Joy which are both math access points. And finally, we explored the concepts of hard and soft a properties of materials access point in addition to colors using mardi gras beads and pom poms. The students Chose what Color ink they wanted and rolled their Cars over it. And to end, we reviewed all our Post Its—-we sure found a lot of B words today!


Carabook: le guide de l’externe – Google Books

All pictures are found using Google images. Then we all sat down for a crunchy apple caragook Dani, one of our teachers, suggested that we use cold water for blue oobleck and warm water for red oobleck so that we were also addressing one of the science access points regarding temperature. Many of our students used our adaptive table top scissors to do this.

We then played catch. Many of our students use adaptive scissors, such as this tabletop version. Please join us next week for more fun Group by 2011 The repetitive line in this book is also the title of this book.

This week our themes were Apples for our sensory and fine motor groups and the letter B for our alphabet group. We used the chenille stems to hook the beard around our ears. Pictures used in the books are mostly found from Google images.

The finished product——-Ta Da!