Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Other Continuum books by Elias Canetti. Audo-da-Fe. The Tongue Set Free Crowds. 2. Power (Social sciences) I. Title. HMC

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There comes a moment when “all who belong to the crowd get rid of their difference and feel equal. En zo tot een monument wordt voor een wijze van denken die aan de rigiditeit van macht en bevel ontsnapt. If one approaches this work from the perspective of deeply involved humanness, as literature, rather than austere science with cut and dried methodology, one may come away with a deeper, more comprehensive, and much more circumspect feeling and understanding for the human animal.

Nov 25, Philip marked it poser to-read. To me, this is mister Canetti presenting his elaborate, pretentious, shallow, completely unsupported by research theories about crowds poower the most patronizing and infurating way I’ve seen in a long time.

The Escape of Josephus.

Crowds and Power

Crowds and Power Volume of Compass Books. Mar 18, Mark Johnson rated it it was amazing. I found dazzling This is one of those philosophical works in which the author reimagines the world through one of the lenses of a compound eye.

Tegelijk echter wel zeer moeilijk op te volgen, want er is -zo suggereert ook Canetti- nauwelijks interactie mogelijk zonder elementen van macht en bevel. His discussion of National Crowd Symbols is presented almost as an aside but is particularly thought-provoking. En in latere hoofdstukken maakt hij helaas maar al te aannemelijk dat paranoia en grootheidswaanzin structurele componenten zijn van elk leiderschap.


Though confusing at times–though his conclusions often require tremendous leaps of faith–and in spite of the hordes of implicit arguments the reader must tweeze from the haystack, the book is quite profound.

Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power. The obvious point of Crowds and Power is to escape from the tacit, largely unexamined presumptions and categories of social scientific thought. Temporary Formations among the Aranda. On rare occasions in this monumental book the writing gets slow or old- A book written with an individual, literary sense of research power backed up by a litany of references from ancient times to the s crowdthis book is a paradox of prophesy and outdatedness that strikes a chord due to Canetti’s excellent writing.

I’ll start by saying that I liked reading Crowds and Power, was deeply impressed by the concepts that Canetti develops and invokes, and entertained by the stories and myths he uses to buttress those concepts. Wat dan een boek oplevert dat onuitputtelijk rijk is maar vooral onuitputtelijk verrassend en ongrijpbaar. One of Canetti’s principal explicatory methods is to describe custom and ritual amongst the modern remnant of hunting-gathering mankind – Australian aborigines and certain tribes of Southern Africa, for example – as well as using mystic religious ceremonial for il This is a truly fascinating and perspective-altering examination of the phenomenon of crowds, and the power formations out of which various crowd configurations evolved, developed from a literary-mythological-psychological perspective.

Unlike much non-fiction writing, it is highly poetic and seething with anger.

I particularly enjoyed Canetti’s discussion of symbols of the crowd, the psychology of teeth and digestion, aand hero, and fame. The Nature of the Parliamentary System.


Dat soort identificatie, waarbij het ik door totale inleving daadwerkelijk in de ander metamorfoseert, is de machthebber uiteraard een gruwel. De eerste zinnen van het boek luiden bijvoorbeeld: Among other things, Canetti’s wife used to greet Murdoch with a smile when she turned up for their trysts and then make lunch for all of them afterwards; as you can see, a cult leader kind of person Elias Canetti, the Nobel Prize-winning author of this book, would be unhappy to learn that he’s now best known as Iris Murdoch’s one-time lover.

My favorite being that concerning fire. The Dissolution of the Sting. There comes a moment when “all who belong to t Fouad Ajami: A long-term dipping-into book. For those contemplating reading, think Roland Barthe, Levi – Strauss, Eliade, Braudel’s annales school or later generation where the focus was more on “mentalities”and maybe a touch of Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale.

This is a dense, magisterial work The Attributes of the Crowd. The Rain Dances of the Pueblo Indians. Born in Bulgaria in and educated in Vienna and Britain, Canetti was unmatched in his understanding of the passions, and the delusions, of crowds.

The crowd is a “mysterious and universal phenomenon,” he writes. The book is admirable for its erudition and scope, ranging through history, anthropology, mythology, psychology, politics, biology, and more to give All I hear is praise for this book. The most blatant tyranny is crrowds one which asks the most blatant questions.

Canetti draws a parallel between ruling and paranoia.