1. Campomanesia xanthocarpa species, eudicots. J Med Food. May;14(5) doi: /jmf Epub Apr Antidiarrheal activity of Campomanesia xanthocarpa fruit. Souza-Moreira . This study reports extraction of Campomanesia xanthocarpa fruit using supercritical CO2 and its chemical composition and biological activity analysis.

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Increased tubuloglomerular feedback reactivity is associated with increased NO production in the streptozotocin-diabetic rat.

Only those rats with blood glucose above Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. On the other hand, the hepatic glycogen levels of the diabetic rats treated with C.

Medicinal plants of India with anti-diabetic potential. The glycogen extraction followed the method of van Handel and the values were determined as glucose equivalents after acid hydrolysis HCl and neutralization Na 2 CO 3according to the method of Geary et al.

The polysaccharide fractions of pulp gabiroba were also evaluated against in temperature Figure 5. Adrenomedullin improves cardiac function and prevents renal damage in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Rats and experimental design. Treatment of diabetes involves diet control, exercise and the use of hypoglycemic or lipid-lowering drugs such as insulin, sulphonylureas, biguanides and thiazolinediones Stumvoll et al.

These features allow us to conclude that the fraction F1 forms a stronger gel than the F2 fraction under the conditions tested. Calyptropsidium sartorianum Sartre Guava. Anti-diabetic effects of Cichorium intybus in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Gabiroba Campomanesia xanthocarpa Green-yellow skinned fruit looking like a small guava. Rheological measurements are an analytical tool that provides a proper profile of one food structural features.


Native to hot, dry Southern and Western savanna regions of Brazil. The hydro alcoholic extract of gabiroba pulp presented the highest values of TEAC and the lowest values of EC 50which denotes a higher antioxidant capacity when compared to the ethereal extract. In both groups of diabetic rats, the hepatocytes were enlarged, with vacuolar cytoplasm and hypertrophic nuclei. Psidium guineense Brazilian Guava. The diabetic rats treated with C.

Campomanesia xanthocarpa

Metabolic concomitants of glucagons-induced suppression of feeding in the rat. The samples were also analyzed against temperature variations with a fixed frequency of 1 Hz.

Campomaneaia tests were performed in triplicate. The extraction time was 60 minutes in all experiments, with the variable concentration of citric acid [0. Insulin like biological activity of culinary and medicinal plant aqueous extraction in vitro. Inflammatory processes were absent, but fibrotic scars were xatnhocarpa Figure 3F.

These results corroborate the hypothesis that temperature, and solvent type and the highest concentrations of solvent can promote degradation of polysaccharides.

Monosaccharide composition of the fractions of polysaccharides pulp gabiroba.

These results indicate that the treatment with C. Campomanesia campomahesia Perfume Guava. To prevent evaporation of the solvent was applied a layer of mineral oil around the plate analysis. Pioglitazone preserves pancreatic islet structure and campomaneaia secretory function in three murine models of type 2 diabetes.


Psidium guajava Red Malaysian Guava. The ripe gabiroba presented remarkable levels of vitamin C, carotenoids and phenolics compounds. Preliminary studies on Campomanesia xanthocarpa Berg. The authors are grateful to Dr. It was observed a non-Newtonian behavior, since the relation between shear rate and shear stress is not linear.

Antidiarrheal activity of Campomanesia xanthocarpa fruit.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Hypoglycemic effect of Cecropia obtusifolia Bertol aqueous extracts on type 2 diabetic patients.

On the other hand, hepatic glycogen of the diabetic rats treated with C. Seeds are not available for the Gabiroba. This behavior reflects the existence of a three-dimensional network [ 24 ]. Histopathological results Representative photomicrographs from the HE-stained tissue sections are shown in Figures 2 and 3.

In conclusion, these findings suggest a beneficial role of the C.

Gabiroba – Campomanesia xanthocarpa

The low concentration in the disperse phase turns the continuous phase to determine he fluid features [ 11 campomsnesia. Mutagenic and antimutagenic potential of the medicinal plant M. Acmena smithii Eugenia smithii Lilly Pilly.