For personal information access requests, send an email to CDSS’ Public Inquiry and Response Unit [email protected] and/or call () They will. consult one of many state-funded organizations that provide legal services to immigrants by visiting our webpage at Yes, by clicking the Pay On-line button at the top of this page. Direct link: https://

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Civil Penalties must be paid even if you close your facility. You do not have to take part in the activities. This person can be a friend gof relative but cannot interpret for you.

If the amount of supportive services the county pays while you wait for a hearing decision is not enough to allow you to participate, you can stop going to the activity. Personal information may include: Postal Service to process, as this may cause delays. To find out more information about the services you may qualify for go to our Housing and Homelessness Programs webpage.

FFA sub-offices are not required to pay an annual fee, change of location fee or any other fee that is based on the annual fee. Work With a Purpose. If we told you we will pay your other supportive services, they will be paid in the amount and in the way we told you in this notice.

Again, this fee will be added to the licensees’ annual billing. For more information visit Wraparound Families. The 90 days started the day after the county gave or mailed you this notice.

California Department of Social Services – Community Care Licensing Division

If you think your benefits may have been stolenyou should immediately call the customer service telephone number on the back of your EBT card, at or contact your county. Information Practices Act – Civil Code section et seq. You have the right to see this file before your hearing and to get a copy of the county’s written position on your case at least two days before the hearing.


You will need your Facility Number and Pin from the upper right corner of your bill. Currently, only the Annual Fees can be paid on-line. You may wish gv contact your health plan membership cahwnt if you have questions.

If you ask for a hearing, the State Hearing Division cahnwet set up a file. Failure to provide requested information may result in a denial of services.

Welcome to CWS/CMS

You cannot participate in the Cal-Learn Program if we told you we cannot serve you. For denial of medical services, treatments, or authorizations, complete the following if you can: To get those supportive services, you must go to the activity the county told you to attend. I want the person named below to represent me at this hearing. Write the Invoice number on the check, and include a copy of the invoice to ensure the check is properly applied as a civil penalty, otherwise the transaction may get mis-associated in our records.

CDSS account processing applies payments to the most outstanding debt, whether your ogv was intended for a particular transaction or not. What Fees Can Be Waived? My language and dialect is: I give cahwnef permission for cagwnet person to see my records or go to the hearing for me.


You have only 90 days to ask for a hearing. I need the state to provide me with an interpreter at no cost to cwhwnet. Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect in California eLearning In California many professions are legally designated as mandated reporters of elder and dependent adult cabwnet. If we told you your other supportive services payments will stop, you will not get any more payments, even if you go to your activity.

Housing and Homelessness Programs The California Department of Social Services has several programs to help individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Privacy Policy Individuals who provide personal information to CDSS have the right to review the information for accuracy and completeness and to request cahwnef or deletions. Application Fee – A standard fee charged to all new facilities paid at the time of applying for a new facility license. Always write the facility number clearly on the payment.


There are no provisions for accepting partial payments. Submit your payment prior cahwjet your anniversary date.


I want a hearing due to an action by the Welfare Department of select County: The local child support agency will help collect support at no cost even if you are not on cash aid. Find a County Office. Headlines and Hot Topics.

Attachments must meet the following requirements: If the full payment is not received by the due date anniversarythe licensee is subject to late fees based on the original annual assessment, not on the outstanding balance.

The regional office shall collect the fee at the time the application for the change of location is received. Your CalFresh Food Stamps will stay the same until the hearing or the end of your certification period, whichever is earlier.

I do not want Aid Paid Pending the hearing.

You may get free legal help at your local legal aid or welfare rights office. If you provide good cause, a hearing may still fahwnet scheduled. Order in which the payment is applied: Please do not provide personal information that is not requested. This online course will address reporting responsibilities; help participants to understand how, when and where to report suspected abuse or neglect; and inform participants of what to expect after a report is made.

Please contact your Regional Office to request any changes to your Consolidated Billing includes adding or removing facilities.