Investigador de la obra de Nostradamus desde el Autor de los libros: Caesarem de Nostradamus, Nostradamus camino hacia el Apocalipsis y de las. LETTREE PREFACE de MICUEL NOSTRADAMUS Ad Caesarem Nostradamus filium vie et félicité Ton tarad advènement César Notredame, mon fils, m’a faict. Nostradamus said that God had given him the power to see the future. Ad Caesarem Nostradamus filium”, in E. Leoni, Nostradamus, Life and Literature ( New.

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The ambassador sent by biremes, Halfway repelled by unknown ones: O to what a dreadful and wretched torment are three innocent people going to be delivered.

The worthy one chased out of nosttradamus English realm, The adviser through angur put to the fire: No one will see the forces of Asia perished, Only seven hold the hierarchy in order. The ancestors and forebears will come forth from the depths of hell, nostradams to see thus dead the fruit of their line.

Caesarem de Nostradamus

That very same year the divine ones enemies: The dart from the sky will make its extension, Deaths speaking: Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. The Noostradamus and the Lion not strongly united.

Between two rocks will the booty be taken, Of Sextus’ mausoleum the renown to fail. In Lucca it will come to rain blood and milk, Shortly before a change of praetor: The two Vestals will rebel in opposition, Victor the younger in the land of Brittany.


Promptly will one build a bridge of boats, Nostradmaus pass the army of the great Belgian Prince: Issued from the true branch of the fleur-de-lys, Placed and lodged as heir of Etruria: When the greatest one will carry off the prize Of Nuremberg, of Augsburg, and those of Basle Through Cologne the nostraadamus Frankfort retaken They will cross through Flanders right into Gaul.

A man will be charged with the destruction of temples and sectes, altered by fantasy. An English prince Marc in his heavenly heart Will want to pursue his prosperous fortune, Of the two duels one will pierce his gall: The exiles will come into Sicily To deliver form hunger the strange nation: The chief of the ship taken, thrown into the bilge: How often will you be captured, O city of the sun?

To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth, Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late. Pristine law, free edict drawn up, The wall and the Prince falls on the seventh day. caeearem

Hidden civil hatreds and debates Will delay their follies for the buffoons. The greater part of the region will be against the Hister, The great one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage, When caezarem German child will observe nothing.

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Les Propheties

The tenth day of the April Calends, calculated in Gothic fashion is revived again by wicked people. The field moved, the pillar of porphyry put in place, changed on the gnarled rock.

The old monarch chased out of his realm Will go to the East asking for its caesatem He will drive out the foreign Arabic people, Returning the Church to its pristine pre-eminence. Meadows, houses, fields, towns to take at pleasure, Famine, plague, war, extensive land arable.

Cross, peace, under one the divine word accomplished, Caesarm and Gaul will be united together: He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage; two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.

The Arab empire will reveal its course, The cause set right again by Hesperia. Near the river the land stained with blood.

Caesarem de Nostradamus

Land will fail the pursuers in flight. The images contain symbolic objects, letters, animals, crossings of banners, bugles, crosses, candles, three writing styles, etc. They will change their Prince, one born a provincial, An army raised in the mountains to pass over the sea.