Wide selection of OFHC / C / C Tube | copper pipes | carbon free . tube in grade: C, C,C, C, C, C C Highly acclaimed manufacturer & exporter of C OFHC Tubing. Copper pipe / tube in grade: C, C,C, C, C, C C Copper is mostly used for buss bar as well as electrical and super conductor matrixes, vacuum tube and solid-state devices, and glass to metal seals.

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Thus, they are widely used for heat exchangers, radiators, coolers, electro-heat-up pipe, air conditioner and refrigerators.

If this is required then a full anneal at to o C is needed. OFHC is used in specialist, powerful electronic equipment such as that used to generate microwaves. Magnetrons OFHC is used in specialist, powerful electronic equipment such as that used to generate microwaves. This copper does not suffer ofyc steam hydrogen embrittlement when heated in a hydrogen reducing atmosphere.

Softening is time and temperature dependent and it is difficult to estimate precisely the time at which it starts and finishes. It is a very impressive technological achievement to process rock with a few percent copper to a metal of Copper minerals have to be separated from the waste rock formations in which they are embedded before production of pure copper can begin.


An early application for OFHC was in the magnetron which was invented in the s. Creep is slow deformation of a material with time at temperature and must be allowed for in the design of any component operating above room temperature.

C10100 OFHC Tubing manufacturer

Oxygen-free copper OFC or oxygen-free high thermal conductivity OFHC copper is a group of wrought high conductivity copper alloys that have been electrolytically refined to reduce the level of oxygen to.

In any of these applications, the release of oxygen or other impurities can cause undesirable chemical reactions with other materials in the local environment. The copper minerals are separated from the waste rock then crushed to a fine powder and melted in a furnace. Views Read Edit View history. The alloys are grouped by property. Click here for latest Copper Prices India. This may be done at to o C but it does not soften the copper.

Of these three are widely used and two coppwr considered oxygen-free. The main bending magnets of the Large Hadron Collider are made from niobium-titanium conductors with a surrounding copper matrix and reach a maximum magnetic field of 8.

C OFHC Tubing packing will be according to international standard in bundles strapped by strips then into containers to avoid any damage. The Metallurgy of Copper Wire”. With so small a content of extraneous elements, the inherent properties of elemental copper are brought forth to a high degree.


Properties A summary of the properties is shown from the annealed soft condition to hard. We adapt to your request. The copper tubes are made of pure electrolysis copper. CuOFP has been copoer as corrosion resistant material for the overpack of spent nuclear cpper in the KBS-3 concept developed in Sweden and Finland to dispose high-level radioactive waste in crystalline rock formations.

Applications The purity of OFHC makes it suitable for conductivity applications in vacuum conditions.

Magnetrons are used to produce microwaves in microwave ovens. Resistance to Corrosion The higher purity Cu-OFE is manufactured from pure copper cathode and poured under a protective gas atmosphere.

Retrieved from ” https: Pure copper is soft and malleable; a freshly exposed surface has a reddish-orange color. Properties In the annealed soft to hard condition the alloy has the following combination of properties:.

C Copper – ETP C Copper | Farmers Copper

The straight pipes can be used for oil transportation, brake pipes, water pipes and gas pipes for construction. For equivalent standards from other countries visit the Copper Key website. They are precise in size and smooth on surface.

Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity OFHC copper is widely used in cryogenics.