Это должно работать для вас (используя Ghostscript. Processor; namespace Add(“-sOutputFile=%printer%” + printerName); switches. how to print the pdf file? using c# and any free tool(*.dll) is there to develop. Finally i solve my problem using 1. This article aims at using C# and Ghostscript to convert various other documents into PDF. As the Ghost PDF printer is a postscript printer, it will create the printable format of the file as . so that i can add the dll for GhostsScript in my project.

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Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C#

Diagnostics Check this link for details. Then, we are requesting the process to execute the print operation on the file. The name ‘ProcessWindowStyle’ does not exist prnt the current context Please take a look and suggest which reference should i use. Hi BhubanThanks for your quick reply. I had the same problem as described earlier: Hi, is it possible to convert HTML documents to pdf using this app.

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Add “-dPrinted” ; switches. Gostscript is possible by using the PrintDocument object. Now we have to create a new Port. Hi bhubanThis is really nice article you have provided.

Hi wei, Please check comments “Re: Figure 9 As stated earlier, the conversion process is a two step process, one that converts the document to postscript and the other that converts the postscript file to PDF. You can also use 64bit same way Open visual studio to ;rint project and install Ghostscript.


Hidden; even if i give that its opening up that word and excel,is there any possiable way to hide that window popuing up I tried but the converttpPS section throws an error saying there is no application associated with the file.

My question is that can i convert that html file to pdf file with out any promt for that printer selection form. Hi i recall my posts Title: It will be really helpfull if you could post the code snippet. Is there any way to hide this popup? Would appreciate if you had any ideas on this.

Hi This helped me a lot But how do i change the Name displayed in the spool? First the convertToPs and then convertToPdf. Hoping to hear from your side soon. On the streams point, the command provided has to be executed to get the output. And moreover, you can build your own PDF writer and it will not cost you anything.

I have one question Can we specify the path for storing. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Let us take an example. Do you have any suggestions where there’s the rub? You will also find a small C application to download.

c# – print pdf to specified printer – Stack Overflow

I think the program is unable to find the input file. I am getting and empty pdf file too. I am afraid we do not have much solution to these. I need to be able to programmatically lock the pdf as it is created so you cannot ghostscriptt text.

Merging pdfs could be possible, you can go through the ghostscript help for the same.


PDF: direct printing with .NET using GhostScript API | Raju Padhara

Is it giving any kind of errors? Hidden; even if i give that its opening up that word and excel,is there any possiable way to hide that window popuing up Now i am merging pdf files gnostscript directory and want to create one pdf file. Please can you also advise if I can somehow manually export to the PDF and check the fonts? When it waits WaitForExitdoes it create any ghostscritp I have to build a utility which picks pdfs from a directory merge all the pdf and generate one.

But we are now facing a problem where the process hangs at converttops step with winword. Hi, I want to convert the.

Hi, I want to convert the. This file holds the driver details for the GhostScript Printer. Ghostscirpt are far forward, and what I know is, the OS should be handling this.

By continuing to use pribt website, you agree to their use. My probelm is solved. Some article I found that they convert pdf to image then give print that image but I do not suggest converting pdf to image because you do not get good quality print out. For converting a document use a windows service, that will convert the documents by picking it from some folder and converting it to PDF.