Private Health Insurance Standard Information Statement – General Treatment Policy. This Statement provides basic information for the purposes of comparison . Compare Bupa Extras Health Insurance cover options and find a suitable eventually capping at maximums broadly equivalent to a Silver policy after 6 or 7 . We review what Bupa health insurance has to offer, by comparing their hospital plans, Silver Extras: Your Choice Extras & additional benefits.

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I just did a product review of Silverr. Apparently they sent a vague email which went straight to my junk inbox. You can fill out a claims form and post it to Bupa and payments will be made through EFT or cheque. When I phoned Bupa they said they sent me an email.

This package offers good value on Extras for you and your partner, giving you cover for most commonly treated services in private hospitals and day surgeries, as well as an increased annual limit on dental and an annual top-up bonus. I signed and paid for my mother’s policy and then they won’t talk to me.

I’m really annoyed bc when I suggested that they should send out something in the mail also for such major changes as double backup, they told me that they don’t send out in the mail. Hi Codi, I do not know how much the cover is. Apparently the conveniences of the internet have not reached Bupa HQ.

Also take notice of when the pain occurs, such as when you bite down. Was this review helpful? Since different people can benefit from different rinses, speak with your dentist about which product is best for you.

Too expensive and a pain in the neck to cancel. Insurance claim made Sickening lack of morals. However, it might be a good idea to shop around and compare benefits and prices from leading health insurance companies in Australia before making a decision. However, with a seniors health care card they can save a lot more. BUPA is no different to any other health insurer.


Bupa Health Insurance Review

Have a great day. Emergency Only Ambulance gives you unlimited ambulance treatment and transport in emergency situations, like fractured bones or severe chest pain.

Babies are born prem all the time it’s date if conception if they continue to be difficult report to private health ombudsman. Your premium depends fover your personal details, the type of cover that you choose, and the excess amount, all of which form part of the terms and conditions of your policy. Increased my level of cover to cover pregnancy which has a 12 month waiting period based on due date.

Bupa Health Insurance Reviews –

Your claim will be processed automatically, and you only need to pay the balance. This is the ridiculous services ever dxtras from a health provider. After not making any claims in the four years of paying thousands of dollars, how can this not be covered. How much do i need to pay for 2 years course for insurance? Judy 26th, September, Hi, I am wanting to get top hospital cover for my son. The best place to access your policy details is through the myBupa website.

You’ve lost several customers due to this incident, as well as a poor reference in the future.

Excess Amounts An excess reduces the burden on the insurer, allowing them to provide the policies at a lower premium. All practices are accredited to National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, reinforcing our commitment to an outstanding customer experience. I just login to check something else on my account and noticed they haven’t correct it yet after months!!! For example, Ambulance cover, Prescription medicine and if possible in future pregnancy cover.


After reading all the bad reviews I decided to cancel my policy. Anyone had similar experiences? I emailed again trying to get the money back and so far have only succeeded in getting 1. She has been granted a bridging visa which allows her to stay in Australia until they make a decision regarding her application.

Really disappointed in them and would not recommend them at all. I highly recommend you look elsewhere before you sing a policy with Bupa. Thought its the other way round I changed to BUPA for 1 reason and that is they cover xrays and radiology supplied by Qldxray in a private hospital. Bupa changed my cover because of their staff’s finger mistake, took a week to acknowledged their mistake and they said they will correct the mistake. Wanted to renew the current cover, called them, they told me the price thats different to what i found online in their site.

The only email response I’ve ever received is them wanting to confirm my membership number. Insurance claim made Pre-Existing condition claim will not be paid – One single answer for all doesn’t matter.

Bupa offers gap free for most kids’ dental on selected covers. Good luck and I wish exras the very best as you embark on Motherhood typical of BUPA to stress you at this time take care xxx.

I went thru choose well and now with HCF.