Explore Roxann Patzman’s board “Buckyball shapes” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Bucky, Magnets and Zen. Jan 30, Explore janet lawrence’s board “Things to try with Bucky balls” on Pinterest Bucky ball 6 steps on how to make the star sort of shape Life Savers. Looking for Buckyballs tricks, shapes, patterns, and how-tos? Stay tuned more Buckyballs instructions and tricks you can do are on the way.

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Check out our replacement for BuckyBalls! Pyramid Form a single strand of balls.

The full size sets magnets are available in the “original” nickel as well as instructionns “executive” editions: The “original” BuckyBalls both full size and Sidekick feature nickel plating and appear silver in hue.

This will not require the entire strand of balls. This product has been discontinued. Snap the remaining triangle, pointed side up, above the middle triangle of the base. Snap the four triangles together to form one large triangle. How to Draw Bluebonnets.

Close the gap in the hexagon by joining the sides of the two triangles that are unconnected. Pinch three of the balls in the circle together with your thumb and forefinger, forming a point.

Most Buckyball shapes contain an inner structure of smaller shapes that combine to form the larger figure. Convenient carrying case for on-the-go BuckyBallin’ In case you were wondering, “BuckyBallin'” is a verb and if its definition wasn’t obvious, it is defined as, “to show off your vast affluence and wealth huckyballs your mastery of BuckyBall tricks”. Snap a flat side of each triangle to a flat side on the perimeter of the pentagon shape you made in Steps 4 and 5.


These diminutive magnets are incredibly strong. Unlike the Rubik’s cube whose puzzle instructuons on tortureunlocking the secret behind these structures is challenging, yet attainable. Step 1 — Starting with a chain, break off 9 balls. BuckyBalls are available in two sizes: In addition to the “play” factor of BuckyBalls, don’t forget about their super-usefulness.

With BuckyBalls, you can create cool shapes like cubes, cylinders, and pyramids.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a teaching credential. Find more Bucky balls magnets on Supramagnets. Each full size set includes rare earth BuckyBall magnets.

By snapping the points together, the sides will naturally snap together. Do this by snapping three triangles together side-by-side in the following pattern: Step 4 — Make 19 more triangles and snap them together to form a sphere.

A single BuckyBall is strong enough to hold a half-pound wrench.

It’s a super-strong magnet. January 12, Author: Bring the three points of the triangle together, by bringing them upward and inward, forming a three-dimensional figure.

How to Make Shapes Out of Buckyballs | Our Pastimes

Each Buckyball magnet is polarized, shzpes one end that attracts and another end that repels. Adults only Keep away from all children Includes a plastic carrying case Two sizes: The balls can be composed of countless shapes, some of them you may not know how to call it. Charm bartenders into giving you free drinks in return for letting them play with your balls just shaps it out loud should help make a friend or two. How to Make a Fractal.

Looking for Buckyballs tricks, shapes, patterns, and how-tos?

How to Make Shapes Out of Buckyballs

The toy consists of small magnetic buckjballs, which can be molded and shaped into an unlimited number of patterns. She has edited hospital magazines around the United States and written on a variety of health-care topics. Try talking to your balls. The mini edition of Bucky balls Neo cube consists of Super powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets single grain magnetic ball 3 mm in diameter that will stimulate the creative juices in your brain.


Swallowed magnets can stick to intestines causing serious injury or death. Oh, almost forgot – each complete set of BuckyBalls comes with an orange plastic carrying case. Then you can get a better understanding of the geometry theoretical and practical knowledge. You can make puzzles, structures, games, patterns, shapes, and even stick stuff to the fridge with BuckyBalls. You can use Amazing Balls as an educational tool combine the textbook to learning.

BuckyBalls Rare Earth Magnetic Desktoy

Bucky balls black edition pcs magnets balls on SupraMagnets. Select five more triangles. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have 20 triangles.

How ehapes Draw Peacock Feathers. This forms a base for the larger triangle. You came to the right place. Neodymium Magnets — Rare Earth Magnets. Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase. Buckyballs users are basically scientists, looking for new and smart ways to use the high-power, Rare Earth magnet balls we can Buckyballs.