for the use of the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) in the SA context. A M Lane; unpublished User Guide for the Brunel Mood Scale . screening questionnaire. This assessment is based on the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) that was developed to provide a quick assessment of mood states among adolescent and adult. The item Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS: Terry et al., ; ) has the questionnaire from Malay versions to English (back-translation).

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The POMS, initially developed to assess mood in clinical populations and subsequently in college populations, was later claimed to be also valid for use in sport and exercise settings McNair et al.

The Sport Psychologist 13Browne M. Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal, 41, Subsequent studies have demonstrated that scores on the POMS are; a predictive zcale performance Beedie et al. Development of a scale for use in monitoring training-induced distress in athletes.

In practical terms, the findings suggest that BRUMS [10] can be used as a measure of differentiated negative moods, without item Hormonal responses of elite swimmers to overtraining.

Therefore, none of the items brundl a weak relationship with its hypothesized factor. It should be noted that Terry et al. Educational and Industrial Testing Services.

Clinical utility of the Brunel Mood Scale in screening for post-traumatic stress risk in a military population. In addition to being used extensively with athlete samples, the BRUMS has been used in medical screening protocols Galambos et al.

Asian Journal of Sports Medicine.

What is the purpose of In the Mood?

Respondents indicate the extent to which they have experienced the feelings described by the 24 mood descriptors. The rise and fall of questionnaite iceberg: Evidence of factorial validity was established using CFA.


Copy the Bookmark URL. Removing this item increased the alpha coefficient to 0. Demonstration of validity is a fundamental part of science. Citations Publications citing this paper. The Guilford Press, Support Center Support Center. The low cross-existence between the loading factors is a positive element in the present study, given that other validations showed a higher amount of cross-loading which does not compromise their results [26]. The psychology of mood and mood regulation.

Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes

Secondly, a valid adapted version can provide Malaysian researchers with psychometrically sound tool to access respondents with difficulties understanding English language [13]. Research interest Moods, emotionand coping strategy E-mail: No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

The respondents rating a list of adjectives, on a 5-point Likert scale from 0 not at all to 4 extremelyon the basis of how they had been feeling in the previous week, or in the moment of evaluation [12] [18]. User Guide for the Brunel Mood Scale. Power Questionnaiee York, NY: The development and validation of the ITAMS opens the way for mood-related research and sport or exercise interventions requiring mood assessments, in an Italian-language context.

Higher scores denoted higher levels of affectivity. Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. It is possible that Malaysian athletes report their feelings on subscales such as depression more freely than those in a Western country see Queetionnaire et al. Mood states of men and women engaged in physical activity, apparently healthy. Based on multi-sample analyses, Terry and colleagues [7] reported strong psychometric properties of this questionnaire.


Exploratory structural equation modeling ESEM procedures were used to test model fit.

Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes. – Semantic Scholar

Higher scores indicated higher levels of depression. Degree BSc Hons Statistics. Cutoff criteria for fit indexes in covari. The original and the back-translation were further compared by an individual who was proficient in both languages.

Given the potential contribution of a psychometrically sound instrument, this study sought to investigate the psychometric properties of the adapted version of BRUMS [10], particularly its factorial validity and internal consistency.

Structural Equation Modeling 66Lane A. In search of golden rules: When applying theories and models across cultures and nations, it is necessary to translate instruments, accounting for linguistic and cultural differences Moustaka et al.

The Profile of Mood States and athletic performance: A four-phase follow-up procedure was implemented, sending reminder emails on the same networks at 3-week intervals Dillman et al. From an applied perspective, the multiple uses for mood profiling in elite sport proposed by Terry are equally relevant in Italian-language contexts. Thus, it is speculated that the moderating role of depression on other negative mood dimension explains the high relationship between depression and other negative moods’ subscales.