LED lighting technologies manufacturer Bridgelux Inc. has announced that it will sell its gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology and. Bridgelux and Toshiba will continue to jointly develop GaN-on-Si leds even though Bridgelux has sold its GaN-on-Si activities to Toshiba. Bridgelux, a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies and solutions, has beaten its previous industry record for highest Lumen.

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Bridgelux Toshiba and Bridgelux think they’re worked out the key ingredient to making LED lighting mainstream: Additionally, a major challenge facing device manufacturers today is the handling of the large, heavy, and expensive sapphire wafers.

For many, formal reliability verification is a new process. In terms of performance, Bridgelux expects its blue LED light sources to have the same efficiency and light quality as on GaN on sapphire. Excelling With Extreme Asymmetry.

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Bridgelux Selling GaN-on-Si Tech to Toshiba | Business | Apr |

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As part of the deal, Toshiba has invested an undisclosed amount in Livermore, Calif. LED lighting developer Bridgelux Inc. The process will lead to lower costs because it can use standard-issue semiconductor-industry equipment, such as automated machines for processing silicon wafers, Lester said.

Bridgelux takes GaN-on-Silicon to another level – News

Advertising with Compound Semiconductor. Required fields in bold. Please sii you can change your contact preferences at any time. Bridgelux predicts that within two years it can produce LED light sources that can generate 1, lumens for 50 cents. To find out how go to How to amend my preferences. At a drive current of 1 amp the LEDs emitted 1.

The LEDs have very low forward voltages, 2. Tuesday, January 29, at 1: August 15, — Gallium nitride is typically grown on sapphire substrates, as the coeffecient of thermal expansion CTE between gallium nitride and silicon can lead to cracks brkdgelux bowed wafers. Please see our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.

Foundry-qualified and foundry-maintained reliability rule decks enable design and IP companies alike to establish baseline robustness and reliability criteria bridgelus committing extensive time and resources to the creation and support of proprietary verification solutions.

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Toshiba, Bridgelux bet on silicon to slash LED lighting prices

Graphene’s magic is in the defects. LED light sources, which are used in everything from TVs and consumer light bulbs, are typically made with a semiconductor — gallium nitride — on a layer of sapphire. The two companies today announced a partnership to manufacture LED light sources using much of the equipment typically used in semiconductor fabs. As a result, production costs have inhibited the widespread adoption of LED lighting in homes and commercial buildings.

Such handling may require the purchase of special handling equipment for the fabrication plants. Gaining An Edge With Nano-ridges.

Wavelength uniformity of sigma 6. At a drive current of 1 amp the LEDs emitted 1. We are very pleased with the pace of our progress in this area, and we will continue to aggressively develop our GaN-on-Si processes in order to drive the migration of LED commercial production from sapphire to silicon substrates.