The Good Woman of Setzuan has ratings and reviews. In , Hannah Arendt hailed Bertolt Brecht as beyond a doubt the greatest living German p. Dive deep into Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan with extended analysis, The plot of The Good Woman of Setzuan winds through a prologue, ten. Analysis and discussion of characters in Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Woman of Setzuan.

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The same turns out to be true in Szechwan: Well, you need to be that different person.

The theme of qualitative ” goodness ” which seemed so simple and obvious in the title of the play is rendered unstable by application to both genders, as Shen Teh realizes she must operate under xetzuan guise of both in order to live a good life. The play opens with Wong, a water seller, explaining to the audience that he is on the city outskirts awaiting the foretold appearance of several important gods. However I like what this play tried to do, and I don’t regret having read it, even if it was for uni.

Brecht and the Wu Wei Theater invite us to think with them about this. The Good Woman of Setzuan.

The Good Person of Szechwan – Wikipedia

Yet he abandoned his medical studies, especially after his service as a medical orderly in a military hospital inan experience which turned him into a radical opponent of war and the nationalistic attitudes associated with it, which he saw also as manifestations of capitalism thinly disguised. Sep 04, Jen Book Syrup rated it it was ok. Shen Teh dons a costume of male clothing, a mask, and a forceful voice to take on the role of Shui Ta.

Who said anything about Superman? Paperbackpages. Some may find exception with the doman heroine and her Manichean solution to the query — I want to go with the one I love.


I have a swell job. In fact, we have created not only one but two narrators.

The Good Woman of Szechuan – Program notes

Per una purissima coincidenza sono riuscito ad affrontare quest’opera sia leggendola nell’edizione Einaudi che asistendo allo spettacolo teatrale per il riuscito progetto di Elena Bucci e Marco Sgrosso: Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers. The play is an example of Brecht’s ” non-Aristotelian drama “, a dramatic form intended to be staged with the methods of epic theatre.

Born in in Augsburg, Bavaria, just outside Munich, in Southern Germany, Brecht lived through all of the European upheavals of the first half of the 20th Century.

In what seems no time at pf, he has built her humble shop into a full-scale tobacco factory with many employees.

In as far as studying this play while placing it in a particular historical and political context is concerned, I realise its significance, but otherwise this just wasn’t for me. Others, the active audience, react to our performance by forming or revising opinions, by contrasting their experiences with ours, by offering both positive and negative criticism. Then, like in Setzuan, the exploitation of the virtuous begins which gives birth to the Shui Tas of society.

Our theater draws its vitality from the continuous surprises for actors and audience. He compared illusionistic theater to opium consumption: They founded the Wu Wei theater in Frankfurt in Had to read it gold school in 13th grade and actually read it.

I do not want to think about whether it’s good. In contrast to many other avant-garde approaches, however, Brecht had no desire to destroy art as an institution; rather, he hoped to ‘re-function’ the apparatus of theatrical production to a new social use.

How can a good person come to a good end? Sep 24, W. We no setuzan need to identify with characters in a drama, nor must we vicariously live their story, Brecht insisted.


In the morning, the gods reward her by giving her money, which she uses to set up a tobacco shop and stop being a prostitute. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. At the end, following a hasty and ironic though literal deus ex machinathe narrator throws the responsibility of finding a solution to the play’s problem onto the shoulders of the audience.

It is for the spectator to figure out how a good person can possibly come to a good end in a world that, in essence, is not good. But with The Good Person of Setzuan, there is an artistic adventurousness that adds something different to the melting pot.

In our production we have, following Brecht’s notion, created such a narrator. Bertolt Brecht, German poet, playwright, and theatrical reformer whose epic theatre departed from the conventions of theatrical illusion and developed the drama as a social and ideological forum for leftist causes. At the age of 16, WW I broke out; many of his classmates perished as cannon fodder in the trenches.

The Good Woman of Setzuan

We, the audience, are encouraged to decide whether we approve or disapprove of characters’ actions and decisions, and woan are encouraged to contemplate alternative plots and decisions. The dilemma arises when the good are outnumbered by the greedy and the selfish.

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