The LBC /31 is a flush-mounting ceiling The LBC /31 has a single- piece, 24 W dual-cone All Bosch loudspeakers are designed to withstand. BOSCH LBC /41 ลำโพงติดเพดาน 24W. Ceiling Loudspeaker Max 36W. Features. Excellent speech and music reproduction; High sound pressure level. The LBC /41 is a flush-mounting ceiling loudspeaker for applications where extra power is required, such as rooms with high ceilings. It delivers a high.

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Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.

Bosch ceiling speakers for Plena public address

A range of Bosch ceiling speakers are available for general indoor usage, evacuation and difficult acoustic environments. Suitable for speech and music reproduction Increased sensitivity Flush-mounting in ceiling cavity Easy to install Lbv dust cover Optional certified lbf dome Simple power setting Matching surface mounting box Comply with international safety regulations.

Such documents may concern. The speaker assembly consists of a single-piece, 6W dual cone loudspeaker and frame, with a V matching transformer mounted on blsch back. The loudspeaker feature a very wide opening angle, which means fewer units are required to cover a given area. Bosch Security Systems, Inc. The poorest of all people is not the person without a cent, but the person without a dream.

The wide frequency range means better speech and music reproduction.

LBC 3099/41

Excellent speech and music reproduction Innovative tri-cone speaker No compromise between acoustics and aesthetics Constant directivity with wave guide grille Predictable sound quality with optional back box Choice of metal or plastic circular grilles Metal fire dome DIN certified Installation friendly BS part 8 compliant.


A V matching transformer is mounted on the back. Speakers are bosdh or surface mounted in ceilings.

Please rate the price of products are sold on website me. The loudspeaker unit is a 6 W dual-cone loudspeaker with an integrated circular metal grille. Excellent speech and music reproduction High sound pressure level Ideal for high-ceiling applications Flush-mounting in ceilings Clamp mounting Simple power setting Unobtrusive white metal grille Ball-proof Comply with international safety regulations. The appearance and neutral white color has been selected to be unobtrusive in virtually all interiors.

Consulting Design Construction, Installation Maintenance. Success is the ability to go from 33099 failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

LBC 3432/02 Unidirectional Sound Projector

You need is member of groups must can comment this post. A dust cover protects the rear. Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. The loudspeaker has built-in protection to secure that, in the event of a fire; damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. The transducer frame is made from high-impact glass reinforced thermosetting polyester material for maximum rigidity and excellent sound quality free from unwanted vibrations.

Voice alarm loudspeakers are specifically designed for use in buildings where performance of systems for verbal evacuation announcements is governed by regulations. There is a standard 6 W model, a high-performance 12 W model and a powerful 24 W model.

The sound projector is constructed from extruded aluminum and finished in off- white. The appearance and colour are unobtrusive in any interior. This document is only used for personal research purposes and not to used for business or other profitable activities.


It is a full range loudspeaker for speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools, offices, sports halls, hotels and restaurants. The sound projector may also be suspended using the bracket. The community of me.

Bosch Security Systems B. The loudspeaker is IPx4 water protected from the front so it can be installed in humid environments. To see how to enable JavaScript, Please click here! You did not use the site, Click here to remain logged.

The frame includes a bass reflex port for improved low frequency response. The range also includes a metal fire dome, and surface mounting box. If your documents are loaded by many people.

Only the people who dare to fail, will achieve big success. Universities – Bosch Security Systems. Sort by new comments Sort by old comments Sort by likes.

This document was uploaded by me.

BOSCH LBC /41 ลำโพงติดเพดาน Ceiling Loudspeaker 24 W Max 36 W

30099 on stars to rate. Your internet browser has disabled JavaScript. The loudspeaker has a ceramic terminal block, thermal fuse and heat-resistant, high-temperature wiring. If your documents are published, you will receive 10 E-coins and receive a chance to receive thousands of other E-Coins.

It has provisions for cable loop through connection and mounting of a line or loudspeaker supervision board.

The appearance and neutral white RAL color have been selected to be unobtrusive llbc virtually all interiors. Bosch range of ceiling loudspeakers.