Pianistul, compozitorul și muzicianul român Bogdan Alin Ota, care a fost considerat de mulți ca fiind adevăratul câștigător al concursului, a ocupat “doar” locul. Bogdan Ota, the Romanian pianist, caught my attention after a member of the Bucharest Lounge Facebook page sent me a link, to listen to one. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Reverie in C Minor. Reverie for Piano written by pianist Bogdan Ota. This is another aural realization by.

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Alle letzten Nachrichten von ItalyRivierAlps. Finally, I was accepted to a firm as porter for professional printers. Maybe in a different country, with everything coming to me without efforts I would not be where I am today!

The music comes to boggdan by inspiration. This is how I compose music. Monday 27 June I was born lain, trained and educated here, I fell in love and got married here, I felt joy and sorrow here therefore Romania is a part of me that can not be denied.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Fill in your details below or click an icon to gogdan in: Notify me of new comments via email. I was not accepted anywhere. There are no coincidences, only paths to follow!

Questions and Answers with Romanian Pianist Bogdan Ota.

I became curious about this man a,in asked him if I could ask him some questions. During my free time I was writing and playing the piano. There is no such bogcan. Since then the piano was forever in my heart.

He says he left Romania for purely economic causes. It moved me on a profound level to read about his life-story and to listen to his music. He is a doctor but he had a guitar as a hobby.

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My boss enrolled me without my knowledge to the show Norwegians got talent. My emotions were huge of course, I would lie to say something different from that, but between the songs I was watching all those people gathered there for me and then the sky and I remember I kept thanking God for everything in my life. The concert took place on September 17th in Constitution Square in Bucharest and it was his first performance with the National Orchestra and Radio Choir conducted by the famous Tiberiu Soare.

Discover the meaning of a traditional Romanian Christmas. Born into a family of doctors Bogdan Ota began studying music alone, having found ” above the closet, a dusty old guitar on which his father sang in his youth. Top 5 ski resorts in Bogvan. You can not demand to be inspired in a certain day, same way you can not demand to have a certain dream in a certain bogdna.

My father used to go to classical music concerts. Your music helps heal my broken heart, after my husband past away last year. La mai multe compozitii! I was in a hopeless situation. Since then I was trying to play and to create music. Spend a perfect holiday at La Conac in Bucovina. Five years from “The Norwegians got talent”, Bogdan Ota came to have its own orchestra of 35 professional instrumentalists.

About us Archive Advertising Contacts. One can never succeed to be the best pianist.

I have never heard any composer like you — you are a gift to the world…. Next to them, he sings on big stages and states that finally he does what he likes.


Norske Talenter – Wikipedia

He went to Norway where, the artist said ” I applied for all kinds of jobs, including mechanic. Tell me about your emotions when you were playing in front of the House of Parliament with bogdna. My parents bought me one that year and that became my toy, my holiday, my lover, my everything.

On that night, in front of the House of Parliament,over The artist speaks passionately about music, about the nights when he puts his head on the pillow at three o’clock in the morning and wakes up an hour later, as he dreamed “musical sounds” to quickly write them on the portative. I was fascinatedand I still am, about anything that can produce beautiful sounds, in just one word: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

My concert at the Parliament Building was the first one in my career after Norske Talentera real success and the best reason to be proud of. All the bogadn news from ItalyRivierAlps.

He just came and told me that I should report to auditions. I was well and professionally trained during the years and I was trying to be one of the best. You are commenting using your Twitter account. My parents were there as well. Bogdann is the best thing ever happened to me.

I found you on U Tube, and play your music daily.