PDF | Boerhaavia diffusa is one of the renowned medicinal plants used to treat large number of human ailments as mentioned in Ayurveda, Charaka Samhita. Buy Punarnava Powder (Leave & Roots) (Boerhaavia Diffusa) (Ayurvedic Health Care Formulation) (Wild Crafted from natural habitat) 16 Oz, Gms 2x. Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. popularly known as ‘Punarnava’ is an important rejuvenative drug used in Ayurveda. It is widely distributed throughout India and.

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Punarnava is used to support comfortable movement of the joints for those with Kapha Water constitutions and imbalances. BD extract reduced the increment in serum parameters indicative of damage to the liver.

Therapeutic Uses of Boerhaavia Diffusa (Linn.)

Nagar, PunjabIndia. It is widely used in jaundice, hepatitis, oedema, oligurea, anemia, inflammation, eye diseases etc. Please enter full name. Is used for Insulin Sensitivity Also used for Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Is a form of Spice or borhaavia Caution Notice Boerhaavia Diffusa appears to be immunosuppressive, and usage of this herb during periods of acute sickness cold, flu, etc. A study was carried out to investigate the effects of daily oral administration of aqueous solution of Boerhaavia diffusa L.

As an Ayurvedic medicine, this herb is said to cure disorders like intestinal colic, kidney disorders, cough, hemorrhoidsskin diseases, alcoholisminsomniaeye diseases, asthama and jaundice.

Kaempferol as 3-O-robinobioside at Zinc and Selenium at 0. Antioxidative evaluation of the ethanolic extract has shown appreciable quantities diffuza phenolic and flavonoid content along with vitamins C and E.


Chemical investigation of the root resulted in isolation of insect moulting hormone which was structurally identified as-ecdysone. Buy 3 get 1 Free- Dr. Microsporum gypseum have been documented as a cause of dermatophytosis which can be characterized by redness of the skin, small papular vesicles, fissures, blerhaavia scaling. Leaves unequal, ovate, obtuse, undulate along margins, truncate to subcordate at base, tomentose; petiole to 1 cm long.

Pretreatment with root powder diffusq at a dose of mg kg day -1 orally for 15 days prior to Escherichia coli challenge produced significant leucocytosis with reduction in mortality in rats and also significantly increased macrophage phagocytic activity in mice.

In an experimental study, the aqueous extract of twigs in a dose of 2. Young shoots and leaves are cooked and eaten.

India Biodiversity Portal

The leaves are bosrhaavia in herbal remedies for liver ailments. The results showed that an aqueous extract 2 difffusa kg -1 of roots of diameter cm, collected in the month of May, exhibited marked protection of majority of serum parameters viz.

In different areas of the world, Boerhaavia diffusa has also been used for pain relief, anti-inflammation, and treating indigestion.

The extract showed the inhibition of various cell lines mouse and human with special mention of boerhaabia and leukemic cells [ 18 ]. All of these uses can be verified in the light of current therapeutic studies or the compounds isolated from BD. Ethanol and methanol extracts were prepared and screened for in-vitro antioxidant activities using Ferric reducing power and Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity.

The leaves of the plant are simple, broad, somewhat rough, thick and brittle. The aqueous extract of leaves of B. Antilymphoproliferative activity of ethanolic extracts of Boerhaavia diffusa roots. Isolation and structure determination of boeravinones D, E and F. The rate of sputum conversion was significantly faster in the treated group than in the control group [ 52 ].


Maintains health of the urinary tract. That is why it is targeted by harmful and toxic effects of chemicals. It was discovered that multiple constituents are usually responsible for the therapeutic affects of the plants. Therefore, a herb which rejuvenates and revives the body is called Punarnava. In treated plants, the antiviral agent from B. Introduction Boerhavia diffusa BD Linn. Inside the physiological system, free radicals are controlled by antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase.

It can be inferred from the data presented that ethnopharmacological wisdom runs boerhaavi with the modern evidence based system of medicine.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The phosphate buffer and ether extracts of shoot showed antibiotic activity against Staphylococcus aureas and was inactive against Escherichia coli Joshi and Magar, blerhaavia Chloroform extract of Diffus.

Research India Press, New Delhi, pp: The leaves and flower extracts have shown anti-inflammatory activity by only Genetic diversity analysis in Boerhaavia diffusa L. Uppal, Hyderabad Plot No. Describes the general appearance diffksa the taxon; e. Also, on the Arabian Peninsula: Ethanomedicinal uses of B. Overall phenolic content varies depending on the part used, with leaves having a higher phenolic content