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In the 60’s in Brazil retirement and pension institutes were united and the fund for Social Welfare was created by the federal government, which allowed the construction and expansion of the public and private hospital network 3. Data collection consisted of participant observation skmbolico unstructured interviews.

The teaching-learning process goes through understanding of what it is, how to, and what to do to offer the best care for women in labor. Services on Demand Journal.

It has to happen, it will evolve and if there is any problem, a solution will be looked for. It represents a set of physiological phenomenon occurring in a certain period with the purpose of dilating the cervix to prepare the birth canal for the passage of the fetus. When they face an unknown and threatening situation, although they have theoretical knowledge, students sibolico fear and anxiety because they are uncertain about what may happen normal child birth, forceps or Cesarean section.

The meaning of the labor process was to witness the physical and innteraccionismo suffering of women in labor. Students that support laboring women describe pain as a complex and subjective phenomenon.

Interaccionism of the physiologic inferaccionismo, the way women and relatives face labor is related with the way they were socialized with the labor process Therefore, it is important to have a harmonic contact with informants This is unpredictable and, therefore, it may make laboring women feel anxious, insecure and frightened This is many times directly related to pain, suffering, and anguish. Participative observation occurred through the direct participation of one of the researchers with the phenomena observed, to obtain information on the reality of students involved in the context of pre-labor and birth Characterized by unpredictability, labor and child birth can be experienced with pain and possibility of risks and worsening of the physical state of mother and babies.


Interacciionismo they see and support child birth, it takes up a new meaning for students, since when they reflect and check and regroup according to the situation, they gear their decision making as how to act with women in labor.

George Herbert Mead

I understand that it is a normal, physiological process and that it will happen if there are one thousand people or not. The phenomenon of child birth involves concerns related to birth.

Several thinkers have contributed to its formation, the following are among them: This emotional suffering may be triggered by the level of anxiety both for women that are experiencing labor and for nursing students experiencing si,bolico event.

Thus, in their statements, students expressed surprise about the physiologic condition of laboring women, because they did not know how labor developed. Data analysis Data have been examined according to content analysis 11more specifically, simmbolico to thematic analysis. They had an elusive, apprehensive, and quiet behavior.

Metodologias qualitativas na sociologia.

El Interaccionismo Simbólico Autor Herbert, Blumer by Felipe Aguilera on Prezi

At the end of the study, we jnteraccionismo notice that students’ view of their obstetric practice have changed due to the several situations of their routine especially their interaction with laboring women giving rise to new meanings and senses for labor and child birth. Based on a favorable interaction, students feel open to share their joys, sadness, anguish, sensations, and pleasures from their experience in the Center of Normal Child Birth, which, according to them is unique and singular to their learning.


In the theoretical-methodological design, Herbert Blumer coined the expression Symbolic Interactionism and described its perspective and method supported by the six radical images and three basic premises 9.

When they were near women in labor, nursing students act according to the meaning labor has inheraccionismo them and this meaning is made from the interactions each student has with their world thorough their lives, that is, what they have heard from their mothers, relatives, and the media, among others.

O desafio do conhecimento: Qualitative research, based on the perspective of Symbolic Interactionism, was chosen to understand the meaning of labor and birth for nursing students; this was done because we believed it is a guiding axis to understand the meaning of the study object.

Based on this aspect, the authors are concerned with the education of new nurses that can assist women during labor and birth. Symbolic Interactionism served as the theoretical framework for this qualitative study. The second stage was an open interview with 20 students taking part in the study based on the following guiding question: This proposal aimed at integral health care establishing levels for referral and counter-referral 4.

Labor was perceived as a symbol of pain, anguish, fear, and anxiety.