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Homework like writing postcards and letters in English was bblickpunkt snail-mailed to the teacher and answered in the same way. So weist der Richter den Anwesenden zurecht, der sich ungefragt zu Wort gemeldet hat. The auditorium in St. Bilingual students have more ways to express themselves, which altogether enable independent work and further learning.

Johannes, Leah, Julia G. You DID start the fire, euskirxhen was not yet burning, though the world was turning. It is a multi-lingual play including French and Latin parts.

After an English theatre workshop with two British actresses we had our first performance in The guide on a sightseeing tour in Oxford was so impressed with your questions that she allowed you access to interesting parts that were not included in a normal tour. Back home you wrote your reports. They try out their rapidly improving language skills on native speakers with great pleasure, and even contact outside of lessons with their English teacher takes place in English.

Shakespeare can still explain to us as clearly and lastingly today as he did years ago what it means to be human in all its facets that life offers. Two of four classes started with additional English lessons. Scientific studies have also shown that bilingual lessons further cognitive ability. Voluntary one-day course for Central Abitur school leaving certificate required reading. The aim of a bilingual programme is to bring the students up to a higher level in their language skills.


Lisa proved by winning a Geography Contest. In years 5 and 6 of the bilingual stream the English class gets extended by two periods 45 minutes eachso year 5 has then 7 periods per week. Bilingual learning is the optimal boost, not just for those gifted at languages.

Students who continue with bilingual lessons into years 10 and 11 take an advanced course in English and a bilingual humanities subject history or geography as subjects for the Euskirchrn German school leaving certificate.

Bilingual lessons help to broaden horizons in every aspect. Bili evaluation — November In the bilingual stream Marienschule also offers the possibility of obtaining an extra certificate of plurilingualism: Jetzt den Marienschule Euskirchen Newsletter abonnieren!

Defendant Zoo director Mr Phil states what he used all the money for: Projects Shakespeare-Workshop at St. Why a bilingual stream is important The aim of a bilingual programme is to bring the students up to a higher level in their language skills. The British actor is a member of the renowned Royal Shakespeare Company, and when he is not currently perfoming in London or on tour, he is making young people excited for the great dramatist.

Even on their euskircjen home, euskirchfn participants were still reciting them. Some of you even took part in a German-American exchange that resulted from it. How important English is today as the lingua franca need not be emphasised.

Rochél vs. | ReverbNation

Our experiences up until now, which already stretch back over many years, have confirmed the assets of bilingual lessons. Even the extended English lessons in years five and six leave their mark. Our bilingual students have a very rich vocabulary that also includes subject specific terminology from the social sciences; they can talk comfortably about a wide range of subject areas and use the English language with great ease and fluency.


The play is a live report from the New Year sale at the famous department store in London. You spoke English every day and even gave yourselves English names, which we kept for a long time. You sent emails to your exchange partners and even phoned your host families before the trip. Cambridge Certificates Since Marienschule has been registered as a school offering examinations in. In year 7 you also tested your English on an exchange with Basingstoke in On introduction in year 7, the amount of periods per week of the first bilingual subject, geography, is increased by one, whilst the amount periods per week of history is increased likewise in year 8, to compensate for the slower learning progress caused by the extra demands of using a second language and to ensure the goals of the particular subject are achieved to their full extent.

Juni After an English theatre workshop with two British actresses we had our first performance in In a united Europe, a higher level of competency and the ability to express oneself in different subject areas are a considerable advantage in further education as well as in almost every profession.

Even German history through the medium of English offers insights from different perspectives with the aid of authentic English texts. You learnt about … the global grid, hemispheres, tropical rain forests, topsoil, snowmelt, ecology, resources, renewable energy, deforestation, heavy industry, environmental pollution, acid rain, demography, population density, democracy, law, globalization, outsourcing, citizenship, economics, statistics, work force, the service sector, manufacturing, colonialism, independence, World War II, peace treaties, revolutions, constitutions, education ….

On location you delivered a brilliant performance with your English.