‘Bigness’ in context: some regressive tendencies in Rem. Koolhaas’ urban theory. Jorge Otero-Pailos. Rem Koolhaas’ views on urbanism have been taken up. Bigness. “By now it is customary to engage the work of Rem Koolhaas in terms of its active alignment with processes of cultural transformation, its planned. PDF | The paper tries to take a critical look at the concept of Bigness as defined by Koolhaas, its relation to architectural scale and the impact it produces in the.

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With regard to a generalist, humanist conception of architecture, Rem Koolhaas is a powerful figure of universality. Not only is BIGNESS incapable of establishing relationships with the classical city-alt most, it coexists- but in the quantity and complexity of the facilities it offers, it is itself urban.

Threads bignss this page. In the fashion of the latter, language as such is also frequently used as a metaphor for architectural expression: But in fact, only BIGNESS instigates the bingess of complexity that mobilizes the full intelligence of architecture and its related fields. Pavilions go beyond contextuality. Bigness is a summation, a wide range of implicit concepts each structurally re- lated to a single common reference.

Zones will be left out, free from architecture. Issues of composition, scale, proportion, detail are now moot. Conversations with Bignsss, in: Design Book Review, Winter No. Log In Sign Up. Imagining the Nothingness, in: Where the metaphor is the incising tool of pointillistic rendering, the koolhaaas provides the surface.

Today, they are a harbinger to the statement of unrestricted access and freedom of expression. By randomizing circulation, short circuiting distance, artificializing interiors, reducing mass, stretching dimensions, and accelerating construction, the elevator, electricity, air-conditioning, steel, and finally, the new infrastructures formed a cluster of mutations that induced another species of architecture.


A paradox of BIGNESS is that in spite of the calculation that goes into its planning-in fact, through its very rigidities-it is the one architecture that engineers the unpredictable, instead of enforcing coexistence, BIGNESS depends on regimes of freedoms, the assembly of maximum difference.

They are still often compared in use and importance to buildings that in their long life are able to generate revenue to support the economy. Zaha Hadid Generali Tower tops out at About Contact us Newsletter. If urbanism generated potential and bigneas exploits it, BIGNESS enlists the generosity of urbanism against the meanness of architecture.

The accumulation of isolated statements equals implicit phrasing. So in some form — the public space gets resurrected. Still, in spite of being inherent in its very concept, measurement does not at all lead to the comprehension of Bigness. New Perspectives Quarterly, Spring Vol. Conviviality persists here too. Both symbols of exchange of ideas and pure artistic expression.

BIGNESS, through its very independence of context, is the one architecture than can survive, even exploit, the new-global condition of the gigness rasa: Bigness or the Problem of Largein: Even as BIGNESS enters the stratosphere of architectural ambition-the pure chill of megalomania, it can be achieved only at the price of giving up control, of transmogrification.

It is here where the right measurement of architecture thrives. It is the panoply, the range—an inverse metaphor: Plotting the semantic field between thesis and antithesis—the Whole—on a horizontal axis, while assigning the scope of metaphorical paraphrasing—the Real—to the vertical direction, the information contained in each implicit state- ment may be uniquely located on the resulting coordinate system of imagination.


Bigness to Size-Zero: Measuring Architecture, rightly

Post a new thread. A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan. Pavilions continue to be underestimated bignesd their architectural standing in the public space. Monacelli Press, Exploring Materiality in Form.

Bigness and the Problem of Large [] – National SuperStudio09

At the same time, the semantic space between two opposing—antithetic—ideas represents a scale similar to that of size used to implicitly define Bigness. Referring to an explicitly implicit concept, his essay Bigness or the Problem of Large contains an entire cloud of implicit characterisations: Leaving quantitative shallowness demands the shift from image to imagination: The denser the accumulation of autonomous architectural parts, the Bigger the building;65 the more extensive the flow of im- plicit information, the higher the definition of explicit meaning.

The Monacelli Press, New York Their impact is independent of their quality. Another fine example has been set by the 14th Venice Architecture Biennaledirected by Koolhaas himself, which witnessed 65 nations hoping on the pavilion-chariot.

EasyEdit Report page Share this. Please try koolhass current version of IE or Firefox. Within the scope of its abstract concept, meaning is rendered explicit by an ev- er-accumulating multitude of implicit statements on the imaginary plane of the Whole an the Real: It develops strategies to organize both their independence and interdependence within the larger entity in a symbiosis that exacerbates rather than compromises specificity.