ME DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS BIFILAR SUSPENSION INTRODUCTION The Bifilar Suspension is a technique that could . Oscillation of a bifilar suspension Apparatus: Two retort stands/clamps/ bosses, two metre rulers, stop watch, two lengths of cotton thread. two threads. Bifilar suspension. If a rod of moment of inertia I and mass m is hung from two threads of length L and separated by a distance d (Figure 1) and is oscillated in a .

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Laboratory Manual for Phys. Distance between the wires, b. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. In this situation the length of the wires are kept constant and the distances between the two equal masses are varied.

Whereby individual moments of inertia from individual differential mass value and distance X between the axis point and the object are summed up and its summations gives rise to the final moment of inertia of that body.

A uniform rectangular section bar is suspended from the pendulum support frame by two fine parallel cords as in Figure. All measurements and data recorded were collated for experimental analysis. From the relationship between the periodic time of oscillation of the suspended bar, and the effective length of the suspension wires the radius of gyration of the suspended bar may be found and compared with die theoretical value.

All these and lots more provide the avenue for determining the radius of gyration and the moment of inertia. Why is it important not to let the total time measurement see stage 4 fall below about 10 seconds? Repeat sispension above for seven more different values of D. Note the there are 15 holes bored, hence its introduction in equation 8.


Classifying Governments Who can participate? This suspensionn bar contains holes equidistant from each other and two extra with equal masses of 1. Science Biology Kinesiology Bifilar Suspension advertisement. Oscillating Particle Test Review Questions. The bifilar suspension is a technique used to determine the moment of inertia of any type of object about any point on the object. This is done by suspending two parallel cords of equal length through the object examined.

Bifilar Suspension

These readings encompasses the distance between the wires used for the suspension, the length of the wires, the time for the required number of oscillations, the distance between the masses introduced into the experiment, and so on. The moment of inertia calculated analytically is sudpension. The period T of a bifilar suspension is expected to be given by an equation of form: Then the values obtained from experiment will be compared with the value obtained analytically, using the geometry and dimensions of the beam.

Thickness of the bar. Density of the bar steel bar.

Do not worry if some of the log values are negative. Nonetheless, a description of its angular motion is enumerated below. The apparatus used for this experiment consists of a uniform rectangular drop bar suspended by fine wires assumed to have negligible weight contribution to the system.

The moment of inertia determined from the graph representation was greater than the value gotten from the analytical approach indicating that the two masses added during the experiment suspebsion a part to play bifilad the increment of the moment of inertia and also unavoidable human errors caused a variation in their values.


Therefore, Moment of inertia of the bar, I is. The suspnsion of a and the power b can be found by the method you have used see full theory below.

Additional table suspenson extrapolated from table 2. Radius of each added mass. Where Io is the moment of inertia of the bored holes. Length of bar l.

The periodic time significantly increased when the length of the wires also go increased. The length L was further adjusted and the time taken for another 20 oscillations was recorded. Applications of digital signal processing to beam instrumentation. The internal diameters of the holes, the thickness of the rectangular were suuspension measured.

Bifilar suspension

Mass of each added mass. The experiment is done such suspensiob the oscillation was not dampened by carefully tilting the bar before release for oscillations. The periodic time also increased when the distances between the masses added to system reduced. In this case the body under investigation is bolted to the center of the suspended bar and the periodic time of the combined bar and body measured.