Related: dance hand mudra, bharat natyam mudra, bharatnatyam mudra, indian dance mudra, bharatnatyam hand, bharatanatyam mudras, kathakali hand. The Natya Shastra lists the following mudras, along with their most prominent meanings. Many others have been developed in the time since, whose histories. Classified as one of the oldest among all the contemporary classical dance forms , Bharatanatyam holds a prominent place in our culture today. Over the.

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Woman hand showing Katakavardhana hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Most have a fairly similar set of terms that largely overlap with this list, but many may be different in the details. Woman hand showing Pataka hasta meaning flag of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Woman hand showing Simhamukha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra. It’s particularly interesting in the fact that the movements noted here are significantly different from the Natya Shastra, although the abhinaya information shows a great similarity.

The center of all arts bharatanatya, India is Bhakti or devotion and therefore, Bharatanatyam as a dance form and the carnatic music it was set to are deeply grounded in bhakti. Published by Munshiram Manoharlal, Pvt.

Two beautiful girls are dancing Indian dance. Waved “like a palm leaf fan”, either waving entire hand, or rolling fingers. Sign In We’re Sorry! Infants Children Teenagers 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s Older. Kay Poursine is a well-known dancer in the states, one of the first famous Bharatanafyam dancers I’d ever heard of and also one of the first with a great Interent site.

However, the translator suggests a position that looks like a relaxed Kappittha. It reflects the different stages Free space for your text.

List of mudras (dance) – Wikipedia

This translation was used for the basis for the second and third sections. Woman hand showing Khatwa hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.


Arangetram is a granduation performance that is the part of the traditional format — the Margam path. Kathakali performer in the virtuous pachcha green role in Cochin on February 16, in South India. The sites below are pages Bharatanatam dug up that specifically do a good job with hand gestures in Indian dance or the history of Indian dance, particularly Bharata Natyam.

We couldn’t load this image at the moment. Hands moved from picture 2 to picture 1. The first two sections single and double hand gestures were largely inspired by Aparna. Woman hand showing Katakamukha hasta meaning “Opening in a Bracelet” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Sign in to our Contributor site. Infolinks In Text Ads. Pathaka Mudra in Dance.

List of mudras (dance)

Nudras hand showing Hamsapaksha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra meaning “number 6” or “Bridge” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.

It is growing rapidly, though, and improvement in the number and depth of resources out there has grown a hundredfold in the approxiamately three years I’ve been out there surfing for this stuff Commons category link is locally defined Commons category link is on Wikidata using P For hand gestures, check bharatantayam – http: Nataraja Tandava Rasa lila Lasya.

Image of woman hand in Surya mudra. Hand drawn India style illustration. Woman hand showing Trilinga hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Bharatanqtyam and Gajra Step 3The Hair: As much as there is room for improvisations and imaginative interpretations, Bharatanatyam or classical dance as such, is a science in itself. Kathakali performer in the virtuous pachcha green role in Cochin on February 17, in South India.

Most of the Indian dance styles share alot of basic theory and terminology, but differ on details. Gesture is on white brick wall background.


The Natya Shastra is a medieval dance text believed to possibly be written as early as AD. We have images for every project, all covered by worry free licensing Download with confidence Find your plan. Very likely they are from a different dance style than Bharata Natyam. Vector decorative woman’s hand in mudra position. Hand in Figa mudra by Indian man isolated at bharatamatyam background. Woman hands showing Nagabandha hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Bharatanayyam. They should all be assumed to be modern – they all reference dance styles practiced modernly, mudrax all of which were firmly codified in the bharatanatym years Looks pretty good, a little less descriptive, but I don’t see any inaccuracies.

Had many suspicious differences in definitions of first two sections, and was not entirely in agreement with the Board Translation on Section 3. A prayer, or mangalam, traditionally marks the end of this most wonderfully complete and symmetric art.

In the cases where an idea is being conveyed, it is more important to communicate clearly with hand gestures – adapting them if necessary – than it is to perform them with rigid correctness. Woman hand bhharatanatyam Kartarimukha hasta meaning scissors of hbaratanatyam classic dance Bharata Natyam. Dance originated and became part of the temple because its aim was to attain spiritual identification with the eternal.

A dancer dances in a studio on a black background. Tie the Chandra and the Surya on a string about seven inches apart. Image of woman hand in prana mudra. Possibly twirling only the fingers in circles.