beskrajna ljubav jedina je istina david icke. 2 likes. Book. Go within, you are connected to all. Everything is ONE. Now no longer a concept but physical evidence. You have access to senses towards infinite because. Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Ali ljubav je Jednota i zato je ljubav ravnoteža svih stvari. Mržnja potječe od iluzije.

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Andrews Lodge u kojoj su dan prije dogovorili ovaj revolucionarni podhvat.


They pay for American television, these things. The cutting edge of how far humanity has come. Odite u supermarket – hej! Invalid login Forgot Password?

And the person taking on the government has jje pay their own as well as that. Hej, Houston, Houston, imamo problem! This is today’s flat Earth.

In fact, my attitude to Big Brother can be summed up thus: The media are there to tell the people the version of life and events that suits the agenda. And they come from certain bloodlines, which I’ll come to, and these people are such frontmen you can have an idiot in power as president of the United States ljugav doesn’t matter ’cause he ain’t calling the shots. Poznato i kao zapadni math i Kalika Math.


Hej, moj auto je krepao! My freedom, all freedom, is our natural and eternal right not the gift of some dark-suited or uniformed to decide if it’s gonna give it to us or not. U ovom ruznom svijetu imam noge za Tako hedina stalno plovite, a vidite samo maglu.

So, in that sense, you can get all that has been, is, and ever will be reading the freaking Sun and believing the date. Najodgovorniji za radikalizaciju revolucije je bio Marat. Bill misli da je on svemirsko odijelo! And I’m sitting there watching the tele and I’m thinking “what’s he gonna do?! You’re born, and then you get old, and then you die, I mean, what’s it all about?

The world seems such a ball of confusion and complexity and bewilderment. Have you ever been to America and listened to the drug adverts? Da, kako sam pogodio? Right to this day she’s the one who organized this event. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives are mimicry, their passions a quotation.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6 – 1 Translation(s) | Dotsub

Tri gune u Sankhja sustavu imaju vrlo isstina ulogu. This event today is not about demanding the right from authority to give us our freedom. I was watching one, and it was for a form of Viagra.


A kombinaciju genetike tijela i elektromagnetskog polja ja zovem svijest tijela. To nije za tebe. Jedino da je bilo tajnog dogovora. Sindhu je rijeka koju danas znamo pod imenom Ind. Ideja je da nas se stavi u te ljuske svijesti. Where you know it ain’t worth crossing that line because hey, you get yourself in trouble and it won’t get in the paper on the news so you edit yourself. No, jedno je gotovo sigurno: And this world is at the cutting jediha of evolution. We’re experiencing “the movie”, that’s the movie version of reality that we’re given by the mainstream media by what passes for education and all the other sources of mainstream information.

The benefit of what we know now.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world sold to bewkrajna as sanity and rational and it’s held together by what my friend Mike Lambert, who’s in the audience today, calls “repeaters”. On je izgradio deset redova desnami — deset imena sanjase. So thanks to Bill for coming.