Konzernweit sorgen MitarbeiterInnen bei Bahn und Bus (zusätzlich rund Lehrlinge) dafür, dass täglich rund 1,3 Millionen Reisende sicher an ihr. Zur zügigen Klärung Ihrer Teilnehmerbeschwerde zum Anbieterwechsel ist es für die. Bundesnetzagentur und die betroffenen Unternehmen sehr hilfreich, wenn. Fahrgastrechte von Bahnreisenden nach Verordnung (EG) Nr. / 1. Beim Kauf eines Bahntickets Online-Beschwerdeformular für den Busverkehr.

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Changes in beschwerdeformulxr or cancellation of a rail and fly ticket is only possible provided that your booked flight fare allows booking changes or is refundable. Germania must be notified of all weapons being transported including, but not limited to, side arms or sprays prior to departure. Liability of Germania in case of damages caused by delay of railway services provided by Deutsche Bahn group and for damages caused by delay of other public transportation is excluded. The liability regarding the carriage of persons as well as deuttsche and baggage within and outside of the European Community is subject to the liability limitations of the air beschwwerdeformular law, of the regulation EC No.

Cancellation is not possible after departure. Carriage of animals is subject to additional requirements.

Promptly after delivery, passengers are required to collect their baggage at the destination or at the stopover airport. Checked baggage will be handed over to the passengers at the airport indicated on the baggage tag. Germania does not assume liability for damage occurring to bahm or excess baggage on its flights if the nature of such baggage makes it prone to damage.

In all of the cases mentioned above, the passenger still reserves the right to demonstrate that Germania suffered no bbahn fewer damages.

Disabled passengers can bring their service dogs into the cabin. The airline is liable for damages through the delay in transportation of baggage unless all reasonable measures were taken in order to avoid damages or taking these measures was impossible. Germania reserves the right to refuse carriage to passengers after the 36th week of pregnancy.

The same applies to passengers with impaired vision traveling accompanied by an assisting person. A change in booking to a cheaper rate is not possible.



Should payments be delayed or not be made in full, Germania has the right to demand at least the legally allowed interest on the arrears. The airline company is liable for damage bexchwerdeformular delay with the carriage of passengers, unless it has taken all reasonable measures to avoid damages or taking these measures was impossible. Information on lost baggage will be entered into the global electronic search system.

The same applies to nail scissors and files, tail combs as well as to syringes unless required for proven medical purposes during flights in which case Germania beschqerdeformular be notified in advance. All travelers are responsible on their own to arrive in time at the airport.

In addition, a fixed change booking fee of EUR We also reserve the right to enforce further charges for damages caused by delays. Pursuant to Directive EC Nr. Hat das Verkehrsunternehmen Ihre Beschwerde beantwortet?

Paket-Kuriositäten | Post-Ärger

For use in aircraft are particularly suitable:. Wie haben Sie Ihr Reiseziel erreicht? For international flights, other travel documents may be required for entering or leaving the country of destination including visa, inoculation certificates, etc.

This applies accordingly, if the injured party does not comply with its duty to advertise, minimise or mitigate loss. Please note that a delay or cancellation of public transport can always occur. Geben Sie hier die Angaben zur reisenden Person ein. Further methods of payment may be accepted when booking in a travel agency or at a Germania ticket desk. You will be noticed of the identity of the operating carrier at the time of the booking.

ÖBB – Fahrgastrechte

The rail and fly ticket is only valid in connection with the Germania flight ticket and the identification verification that has been used for the booking such as ID, passport, credit card. Such fees must in any case be paid before departure; otherwise, passengers are not deutscye to have such baggage transported. Germania may refuse carriage if such documents are not provided.

The date of receipt of the letter at Germania is determining. The liability for damages due to delays when transporting baggage is restricted to 1, SDR rounded sum in national currency: When a relevant change is to be made which the passenger cannot accept and if no transfer to an acceptable flight is possible, the passenger has the right to claim for a refund of the price of the flight.


All payments must be made using a credit card accepted by Germania at the time of booking. Die Schlichtungsstelle kann das Schlichtungsverfahren erst dann bearbeiten, wenn das Verkehrsunternehmen angemessene Zeit zur Stellungnahme zu Ihrer Beschwerde hatte.

Carriage of unaccompanied children is subject to a beschwerdefogmular of EUR 50 per route.


Germania will not assume liability for items accepted for carriage despite unsuitable packaging that was not detected at the time of acceptance, and the passenger will remain responsible and liable for suitable packaging. These only apply for the carriage of the passenger named in the booking from the place of departure to the destination booked and the flight times stated. Sind Ihnen durch den Ausfall Mehrkosten entstanden?

It is possible that Germania will have to change the flight times after booking. In addition, a fixed name change fee of EUR Change in booking or name changes can only be initiated by the contracting person.

Officially acknowledged service dogs travelling in the company of disabled passengers will be transported in the cabin at no additional costs. Checked baggage may not contain any items that are dangerous or unsafe or not suitable for carriage because of their weight, size or nature, perishability e.

Germania can decide at its own discretion on whether and how animals shall be carried. Passengers are entitled to receive compensation amounting to EUR for all flights of 1,km or less; EUR for all flights within the EU of more than 1,km, and for all other flights between 1, and 3,km; and EUR for all other flights.

Germania must be notified of the cancellation of a booked flight or other confirmed service e g. The limitations of liability set out in Article 22 of these General Conditions of Carriage apply.