Chimica e Propedeutica Biochimica L. Binaglia, B. Giardina – Mc Graw Hill Ed. Chimica. I Bertini, C. Luchinat, F. Mani – Second Ed. – Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 1. P. Zanello, S. Mangani, G. Valensin, Le basi della Chimica,Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 2. i, at, , Chimica, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 3. Bertini, Ivano; Luchinat, Claudio; Mani, Fabrizio, Chimica inorganicaIvano Bertini, Claudio Luchinat, Fabrizio Mani. Milano: Casa Editrice Ambrosiana,

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Fluency in elementary algebra is highly recommended. Information on the course unit. Chimica medica e propedeutica biochimica. The ideal gas law and pertaining systems of units. Autoprotolysis of water and Kw.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Mani, Chimica — Seconda edizione. The oral integration takes place only upon request of the Candidates holding that the evaluation of the written test is inadequate.


Periodic ambrrosiana of elements. Nomenclature for inorganic and coordination compounds.

People search Search with a name Search with a name. The goals of the tutorials are: Laverman, Principi di chimica.

The effect of pH on solubility. Teaching methods The course is organized as follows: Cell potential, role of concentration and Nerst equation. Covalent and ionic bond. EMF of a cell.

Module: Chemistry

Determination of Chemical Formulas. Moles and Molar Masses. Acid-base titrations and indicators. Solubility of gases; Henry’s law. Un avvio allo studio della chimica,Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. Structure and chemical properties of the functional groups: Knowledge of the principles and chemical-physical mechanisms by which chemical compounds can interact and regulate processes of biological interest. The teacher recommends frequent attendance and participation to lectures.

Ambrksiana final examination is designed to assess the degree of achievement of the main teaching objectives: Laws by Boyle, Charles, Avogadro.

Se procedi nell’utilizzo del Portale accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie presenti. Educational objectives Understanding of fundamental principles see the topics covered in the course and their application in solving simple problems in general chemistry. Written exam regarding stochiometry exercises and theoretical questions Assessment criteria: Electronegativity of the elements and polarity of the molecules.


Additional notes about suggested reading: Known ‘errata corrige’ of this text can be found at www.

Solutions and their properties. Chemical equilibria in solution.