“The Uprising” is an Autonomist manifesto for today’s precarious times, and a rallying cry in the face of the catastrophic and irreversible crisis that neoliberalism . Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s newly translated book The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance is light on two things: poetry and finance. What Berardi gives the reader . We posted the audio not too long ago from a Franco “Bifo” Berardi talk at Pratt Institute on his book The Uprising: Poetry and Finance.

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About Franco Bifo Berardi. It’s only an internalization of the impotence of truth which is born out of the failure of the th century utopian ideologies and the perception that exploitation of labour, competition and war are inevitable and irreversible capitalism.

Jan 19, David rated it really liked it. Video Games December 17, The result is a loss of truth-value; where we once had to rely on the material world, we now live in an automated world, alienated from matter and the body. I’m just saying it was cool.

Notes on Bliss December 30, With its uncountable speculations and tightly commoditized, catchworded language, theory has become the swaps market of kprising. The ironist sleeps happily because nothing can awake her from her dreams. Feb 28, Malcolm rated it liked it Shelves: Poetry is a singular vibration of the voice.

In other sections, he rehearses the economic crisis in ways I’ve seen before– nothing new, but nothing against him– he just seems a little dated is all. This yhe a tidy metaphor, but more on that later. Once upon a time a photograph was an object that, by way of a beerardi process, inscribed some real, material event onto film or some other light-sensitive chunk of matter.


What is important in the determination of value is the average time that is needed to produce a certain good.

Reading Notes for Bifo’s The Uprising – ENTROPY

May 31, Tristan Laing added it. The theory and activism of has had such an impact on the thinking of avant garde artists and writers it has become a cliche, even a failure of the imagination to think outside of the box of It thrives on interpretive value, on the meaning we have too long attributed to money as a medium. His latest collaboration, The Fucked up Beat, has an album forthcoming.

One of the most difficult challenges the left has had to grapple with as finance capital has gained its foothold and then descended into crisis is that many of our key analytical concepts have proved wanting. Silent Hill Shattered Memories: He lives in California. I’ll have to hold off on a proper review until I see the final version. The errors of great men are worth more than the truths of little ones.

On Theory and Finance: Review of Berardi’s “The Uprising”

The financialization of capitalism is only the somehow logical sequel of what Karl Marx already denounces in Capital: Franco “Bifo” Berardi born 2 November in Bologna, Italy is an Italian Marxist theorist and activist in the autonomist tradition, whose uprsing mainly focuses on the role of the media and information technology within post-industrial capitalism.


He sees that the effects of a streamlined, mechanized world where our social communication and our ability to connect to one another, to solidarize and have empathy have numbed out and stomped out of focus.

This isn’t terrible, by any means. This generational disdain is the second idea the digital covers up in contemporary theory, though Berardi hardly hides his:. As Berardi maps the current crises what becomes clear is that it is a crises of the social imagination demanding a new language by which to address uprixing concerns. Thw is also a musician and has performed with a number of bands ranging from garage, noise and found sound.

The latter is dedicated to a sharp description of the beeardi of the world berardk well as the development of a revolutionary weapon against it: Berardi, in this short and provocative set of essays, brings these factors together in an effort to make sense of the responses to the crisis as well as theorise this conjunction of crises in industrial, financial and semio-capitalisms.

Backpacking, Point Reyes, Driving May 27, But poetry is language’s excess, to use the structuralist perspective, its signifier is disentangled from the limits of its signified. A good introductory book to Bifo’s work.

And Berardi is apparently sincere in his hope that irony will save humanity from crypto-fascist capitalism.

Time objectified, time that has become things, goods, and value.